Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rhino/Razorback WIP

Having started (finally) on painting the last remaining vehicle for my Space Wolves army I thought I would put up a few pictures showing my progress so far.

Everything outside of the armour and tracks of the tank has been completed, which means I should be finished with the tank by the weekend.

Having got this far with it I do kind of wish I could go back to the start and do the main colour first, then add everything else on top. As time travel is not available yet I will have to make do with being very careful on certain areas of the tank to ensure I do not paint over stuff I have already completed. Will be a good challenge and see how steady my hand can be (I'm betting on 'not very').

I used to dislike painting vehicles immensely as they generally take a lot of time to do and you need to sit down for long sessions with them to get them done. While both are still true, I am enjoying this Rhino/Razorback and also enjoyed the two Land Speeders I finished a couple of weeks back. I think the change from painting standard marines is playing a large part in that.

So, with nothing else to add, I will leave you to the few remaining work in progress shots I have of the magnetised Rhino/Razorback so you can see my progress for yourself.

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