Saturday, 6 October 2012

If Only Hoverboards Were Real...

Remember Back to the Future? All those hoverboards and how cool they were, how much you wanted them to really exist? I certainly do and I am still bitterly disappointed that time seems to be running out on that dream.

But fear not, I have finished the Beastmaster who gets to travel around on this flying board. Admittedly the board is more Green Goblin than Michael J Fox, but I am still dreaming of that damn board even at nearly 30 years of age.

There were points during the painting of this guy that I really felt like scrapping him. Not even strip him and start again, but chuck him in the bin and forget he even existed. The spray primer went on far to thick in certain areas (feet, engine, the cylinders on his leg, chain/board connector thing in his crotch) which I felt was overly ruining the model. However I pushed him on to see what result I could get from that point, and here are the results:

All comments welcome, so let me know any thoughts you have about this guy.

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