Monday, 8 October 2012

Golden Demon 2012 and Beyond

It may have happened a few weeks ago, but I have been enjoying the pictures of all the entries for this years Golden Demon UK. I did not go to the event myself, but the pictures of the entrants I have seen look fantastic. I have included in this post some of my favourite pictures from GD, which I found over at From the Fang where there are a lot more pictures than I have here.

The quality of the entrants I have seen in some of the pictures was truly breath taking. The Slayer Sword winner (pic below, on the right) is a phenomenal piece, which I would love to reach the quality of. Others such as the Space Marine Librarian vs Eldar Farseer (left) shows some wonderful imagination from the creator to make such an amazing duel.

Which brings me on to the cryptic challenge I left at the end of my completed Grotesques post. I am going to enter the UK Golden Demon in 2013. I like the idea of the challenge I face. There are certain areas I will definitely need to improve upon and I will be investigating each of these through a series of posts as I work my way toward the Games Day of 2013.

The first step I have taken is trying to find out some tips on preparation people suggest for the event and found some useful info over at Bestienmeister .

First step that is needed to be taken is a critical evaluation of my painting style, looking at what I can do well and what I am not so good at. From there, I get on with practicing, pulling together the techniques I need and then to begin sorting out entries in the categories I will look to enter.

I will be using the blog to chart the progress I make toward the Golden Demon competition, as well as getting the thoughts and feedback (hopefully) from you guys that will push me to improve even further and have at least one decent model sat on the judging tables in about a years time.

It is a long term plan, I do not doubt it will take up a fair bit of time if I am going to make a decent attempt at it, but I am quite excited about giving it a go and pushing myself to try and have some models entered in to the competition.

All pictures in this post are from this years Games Day, taken by Alex over at From the Fang. Many thanks to him for letting me use them for this post. 

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  1. golden demon is always an odd one for never know what the judges are looking for ie painting style, model build the list is endless .its that that makes this side of it brill.the dark side contains the endless ques ,and the cost of everything.what do you all think


Thanks for your comment it is very much appreciated. I hope to hear more from you in the future!

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