Sunday, 29 April 2012

Thunderwolves Update

Just a quick update this Sunday evening on the progress I have made with my Thunderwolves and a few accompanying Fenrisian Wolves since I started them at the beginning of the week.

All the wolves are complete, with just the riders for the thunderwolves to be completed. After building the thunderwolves the Army painter spray I was using decided to malfunction a bit, causing me a few problems with certain details being 'washed out' as it were.

I think I have got round this problem sufficiently, although I am not at all happy with the base spray (the 75% full can is now in the bin) and also a little disappointed in a few of the finished areas on the wolves, but happy enough not to want to strip down the models and start all over again.

Anyway, here are the remaining photos of the progress so far:

Friday, 27 April 2012

Campaign - Ardan V, Mission 2

Having crushed the Space Wolf force outside the city to prevent them interfering further down the road, the Eldar were ready to proceed with the first of their two primary objectives - the killing of the Space Wolf Rune Priest, as this would hinder the Space Wolves in locating the cursus.

Meanwhile, using the time bought with the lives of his men, and the reorganising of the Eldar forces after the damage done to them, Wolf Guard Battle Leader Gunnarson made his way through the city that had been devastated in the fighting between his Lords Great Company and the Oracles of Change. Hoping to warn Fjolnir Lightning Wolf of the presence of the xenos before they struck again.

Knowing that a few of the space wolves had escaped their ambush Farseer Yvaine Sundancer dispatched a squad of Pathfinders after the fleeing Wolves.

Pregame Mini-game: Kill Team
Space Wolf side: Hjorvard Gunnarson and two Grey Hunters.
Eldar side: 5 Pathfinders.

Played on a 4x4 board. Lots of city terrain.
The Space Wolves deploy 18" onto the board, and have to get 1 model off the far side.
The Eldar move on in turn 1 and have to kill all three Space Wolves.

If the Space Wolves manage to get off the board then the Space Wolf player can reinforce the Rune Priests forces with a squad of Grey Hunters armed with a flamer and a plasma gun in a Rhino on turn 4 of the main game.

Main game: 2000pts.
The space wolf player must take Ornulf Windtamer and may not take Fjolnir Lightning Wolf or Hjorvard Gunnarson, any Wolf Lords or Wolf Priests as there is only 1 Wolf Lord, and  the other Wolf Priest is with Fjolnir.

The Eldar player must field at least one of Elarique Dawnrunner (Autarch) and/or Arandril Starsong (Farseer).

The Eldar objective is to kill the Rune Priest. If they succeed the body becomes an objective that can be held by any infantry or jump infantry unit, that either side can claim.
The Eldar player gains 3VP if they kill the Rune Priest and 1VP if they wound him. the Space Wolves gain 2VP if he stays alive. All other HQ choices are worth 2VP if killed on either side. The objective formed by the Rune Priests body is worth 3VP.

The game is played lengthways down the table. The Space Wolves deploy in one half of the table, however the Rune Priest must be deployed in the center of the Space Wolf deployment zone and all Space Wolf units must be deployed. The Eldar deploy within 12" of the opposite short edge, and may keep units in reserve.

If the Space Wolves win the mini game, then they get a free unit of 10 grey hunters with one flamer, one plasma gun and no other equipment. This bonus unit arrives automatically on the short edge of the Space Wolf deployment zone on turn 4 in a Rhino with no extra upgrades.

The table should have as much city terrain as is reasonable.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Madrak Ironhide - Complete

As a brief interlude to starting my Space Wolf Thunderwolves I decided to get Madrak Ironhide, Chieftan of the Trollbloods and the only warlock I have for them at this moment in time.

The Privateer Press models are a joy to paint and have a very high degree of detail on them. The three models I have painted of them so far have come out very well and I am looking forward to getting all the models painted and seeing them all together.

The only trouble I had with this model is that once I had put a couple of layers of paint on I ran my nail lightly over some of the dry paint. To my horror I put a nice white scratch right through the paint job I had done so far. My plan is, basically, hope that the varnish layer will give the paint enough protection to stop it from scratching further. If it does scratch more I suppose I will have to strip him down and start again. I don't want to be doing that though.

Anyhow, here are the rest of the pictures of Madrak:

Thanks for looking, I will be back with more Thunderwolves updates and more from the Ardan V campaign shortly.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Campaign - Ardan V, Mission 1 Battle Report

With the battle coming to a close in Baston, the last remaining remnants of the Oracles of Change were being slowly pressurised into a last stand by the Wolf Lord Fjolnir Lightningwolf and his Great Company. Huge Land Raider Crusaders bathed buildings in burning promethium, forcing the Chaos Marines out of their hiding holes within these buildings and out into the welcoming arms of the Lightningwolf's very own Wolf Guard.

High above the planet the Fang of Russ and its Gladius class escort Grimnar's Fury monitored movements within Ardan V's capital city. The Oracle were broken and in complete disarray, but all units continued to retreat north away from the advancing Space Wolf forces.

Having received this information from his flagship, Fjolnir commands his second in command, the Wolf Guard Battle Leader Hjorvard Gunnarson, to flank around the outside of the main battle area and set up camp with a small force, ready to launch an assault on the fleeing traitor marines if they make it that far.

Meanwhile on the Biel-Tan craftworld Darryth Sunblade made the last preparations required for his strike squad to achieve planetfall and establish a safe perimeter for more of his Eldar brethren to join them and eliminate the threat from the Cursus. Accompanying the Exarch on this mission, Yvaine Skydancer knew what was required, a force was to be led toward the Space Wolves Rune Priest, the one who could bring the entire to planet to ruin if he were allowed near the Cursus.

Battle Report - 1,500pts

Hjorvard's Force

Hjorvard Gunnarson - Runic Armour, Frost Blade, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Wolf Tail Talisman.

Wolf Priest - Runic Armour, Wolf Tooth Necklace,
Wolf Tail Talisman.

Wolf Guard - 1. Powerfist, Combi-Melta
                      2. Wolf Claw, Combi-Melta
                      3. Frost Blade, Combi-Melta
                      4. Powerfist, Combi-Melta, Space Marine Bike

Grey Hunters - 7 Men, Standard, Flamer
Grey Hunters - 7 Men, Standard, Meltagun
Grey Hunters - 7 Men, Standard, Plasma Gun
Grey Hunters - 7 Men, Standard, Flamer

Bikes - 5 Bikers with Flamer and Powerfist, 1 Attack Bike

Long Fangs - 6 Men, 5 Heavy Bolters, Razorback
Long Fangs - 6 Men, 5 Heavy Bolters, Razorback

Yvaine's Strike Squad

Yvaine Skydancer  - Rune Armour, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones, Witchblade.

Fire Dragons - 10 Men, Wave Serpent with TL Shuriken Catapult and TL Star Cannon.
Howling Banshees - 10 Men including 1 Exarch

Dire Avengers - 10 Men including 1 Exarch
Dire Avengers - 10 Men including 1 Exarch

Shining Spears - 5 Spears including 1 Exarch
Vyper - 1 Skimmer, Bright Lance, TL Shuriken Catapults.

War Walker Squadron - 3 Walkers with 2 Starcannons.

Hjorvard and his men settled down into their camp, having covered 30 miles since receiving their orders from Lord Fjolnir. The two squads of Long Fangs took up positions in the north-east and south-west, with the Land Speeder parked and disengaged in the centre of the camp. All other units were spread around the skimmer on all sides. The silence unnerved Hjorvard, although he could find no reason for his uneasiness with the situation and as such took up position with a squad of Grey Hunters he had fought many battles with on Ardan V.

Yvaine Sundancer could see clearly the layout of the Space Wolves camp that sat between the Eldar and the Rune Priest who could unleash all manner of hell from the Cursus located somewhere on this planet. Splitting their forces accordingly, Yvaine hoped that a swift and deadly surprise assault would destroy these humans and leave the Eldar forces relatively intact.

The Eldar struck quickly and with incredible force. With very little time to react the Space Wolves numbers were cut down in a matter of moments. The Long Fangs in the south-west were annihilated from a storm of plasma sent out by the war walkers, who were personally guided by Yvaine.

That was not the only casualty of the surprise assault. The Swiftclaw bikers were reduced to molten waste by a squad of Fire Dragons, the Land Speeder stunned from a Bright Lance from the Vyper and a few Grey Hunters falling to shots from Dire Avengers.

A squad of Howling Banshees heading for the north-east Long Fangs did not have much luck as the unit of Fangs, utilising all their experience, got their heavy bolters into position quick enough to cut down every last Banshee and ensure they would not fall to their power weapons today.

Success for the Wolves was in very short supply, but this did not prevent a heavy bolter shell from a Razorback strike the Farseer Yvaine Sundancer and cause a wound, while return plasma fire from a nearby Grey Hunter squad momentarily halt the movement and firing from the war walkers.

Where the Wolves could, they launched into combat with their Eldar attackers, fighting against hope as the onslaught of the Xenos warriors slowly began to reduce their numbers. The Dire Avengers masterfully held up the Wolf Priest long enough for the Shining Spears to come to their aid and finish of the remaining Wolves who struggled for what seemed an eternity against the Avengers.

Hjorvard had better luck up against the Dire Avengers he had squared off against. After coming under a hail of fire, twice, in which he lost five men, Hjorvard and his remaining squad are assaulted by Dire Avengers, who believe they have the Wolf Guard Battle Leader almost finished. With a vicious snarl, Hjorvard leaps into combat, slaying a Dire Avenger while his squad smash another apart. The Avengers falter and break at the sheer ferocity of the Wolves counter-charge, with Hjorvard leading the move to cut down the surviving exarch and his troops before they can escape.

Turning to survey the rest of the battlefield with his two accompanying Grey Hunters, Hjorvard is confronted with a scene of utter devastation. In the distance he can see a long serving Razorback being ripped open by the Witchblade of Yvaine Sundance, the Land Speeder exploding under the melta weapons of the Fire Dragons where he sees at least one of the enemy attackers burn in the blaze.

It does not take Hjorvard very long to realise that there is only himself and the two that stand alongside him left alive. This battle was lost before it even started and the Space Wolves now have a newer and more powerful enemy on the soil of Ardan V.

It was now obvious that trying to claim some level of vengeance against these Eldar was a pointless exercise at this particular moment in time and Hjorvard decided that the three of them would attempt to fall back and get word to Wolf Lord Fjolnir so that a bigger force can be assembled to drive them from the planet.

Yvaine Sundancer stepped away from the blazing wreckage of the tank destroyed with the help of the Witchblade, pleased to see that the Eldar force had only suffered two units worth of casualties. By his calculations the human warriors had lost ten units. A successful assault and the first part of a plan going smoothly completed. That was until Yvaine spotted three warriors in the grey armour slip from the battlefield in the direction of the main city of the planet. If those three lived, warnings about the Eldar arrival could be raised and a much bigger force, and bigger problems, would lie in wait.

Considering the situation for the briefest of moments, Yvaine dispatched a fresh squad of Pathfinders to hunt down and kill the fleeing Space Wolves, hoping to silence their warnings forever.

Introduction to the Campaign, Mission One.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Rhino/Razorback Complete

Now well into my push to finish painting all my Space Wolf models before starting on my Dark Eldar, this magnetised Rhino/Razorback is the last of tanks I had left to complete.

The only disappointing aspect of this paintjob is that even with the varnish spray applied, some areas of the tank still scratch easily, so I am going to have to be careful not to scrape it around during battles.

Other than that I am fairly happy with the tank. Progress was rapid enough to keep the boredom away that I usually get when painting the larger models of the hobby (during the painting of my Land Raider and Drop Pod this issue cropped up a lot). With this tank complete I fielded a completely painted army for the first time ever on Friday night. From the Wolves view, it was pretty awesome.

Anyway, here are the remaining photos of the completed and magnetised Rhino/Razorback.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rhino/Razorback WIP

Having started (finally) on painting the last remaining vehicle for my Space Wolves army I thought I would put up a few pictures showing my progress so far.

Everything outside of the armour and tracks of the tank has been completed, which means I should be finished with the tank by the weekend.

Having got this far with it I do kind of wish I could go back to the start and do the main colour first, then add everything else on top. As time travel is not available yet I will have to make do with being very careful on certain areas of the tank to ensure I do not paint over stuff I have already completed. Will be a good challenge and see how steady my hand can be (I'm betting on 'not very').

I used to dislike painting vehicles immensely as they generally take a lot of time to do and you need to sit down for long sessions with them to get them done. While both are still true, I am enjoying this Rhino/Razorback and also enjoyed the two Land Speeders I finished a couple of weeks back. I think the change from painting standard marines is playing a large part in that.

So, with nothing else to add, I will leave you to the few remaining work in progress shots I have of the magnetised Rhino/Razorback so you can see my progress for yourself.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Campaign - Ardan V, Mission 1

Following on from the Ardan V Campaign introduction, this post will detail the two possible missions that could have happened and also state the rules for each of those missions.

The battle report will be next in the series.

Again, pictures from around the net will accompany this post. Some of them I have had saved on my computer for some time and I am not sure who the artist is, but it is safe to say none of them are my own works, kudos to those who did create them.

The Ardan V Campaign - Mission 1.

To determine the first scenario, both commanders make a Leadership test using the Ld of their force commander (Arandril Starsong and Fjolnir Lightningwolf). Whoever makes the roll by the highest margin wins the roll.


If Fjolnir wins the roll, then an alert chapter thrall aboard the Fang of Russ notes a short energy spike of an unknown energy type in the countryside approximately 60 miles from Baston but is unable to pin point the source. Concerned by the possibility that some of the traitor marines of the Oracles are still at large and up to something, Fjolnir dispatches a small, fast moving force to investigate the energy surge under the command of his second in command Hjorvard Gunnarson, the leader of his Wolf Guard.

On reaching the area Hjorvard encounters a small force of Eldar, and sets an ambush for them.

This is a 1000pt game. All of the Space Wolf units must be mechanised. (I.e. aboard a transport, on bikes, or be a tank). The space wolf player must take a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, to represent Hjorvard, but this is is only allowed HQ choice.

The Eldar player may take no tanks, no Wraith Guard or Wraithlords. They must take at least one squad of aspect warriors with an exarch, but may have no more than two aspect warriors squads. The Eldar player may not take any HQ choices. The compulsory exarch is his  force commander.

The Eldar player deploys all of his units first, within 6 inches of the centre line of the table, and more than 12 inches from the short edges of the table. The Space Wolf player deploys all of his forces anywhere on the table more than 12 inches from the centreline.

The two players roll of to see who goes first.

This is a kill point mission.

The Eldar player may move units off the short edges of the table voluntarily,they many not return to the battle but do not count as destroyed if the move off the table in this way.

At the end of turn four the game ends on the d6 roll of a 1,2 or 3. At the end of turn five on the d6 roll of 1,2,3,4 or 5. The game ends automatically at the end of turn 6.


If the Eldar player wins the Ld roll, then the Eldar forces have managed to slip onto the planet unnoticed and set up a forward operating base in preparation for their operations on  Ardan V. Now with their forces in place, they launch an assault on a small Space Wolf encampment that lies between them and their true target, the Space Wolf Rune Priest Ornulf Windtamer.

This is a 1500pt mission.

This is a kill point mission.

The space wolves may not take Fjolnir or Ornulf (the are in the city) but may take other non wolf lord, non rune priest HQ choices. The space wolves may also not field land raiders or terminator armoured wolf guard as these are deployed within the city where their close quarters firepower and heavy armour are of greatest use.

The Eldar player may not take the Avatar, Wraith guard or wraith lords, as they are considered too slow for this first assault, or support weapon batteries as they take too long to position and set up for a surprise assault on troops as elite as space wolves.

The Eldar player must take Yvaine Skydancer, Arandril's 2nd in command. (a Farseer) as their only HQ choice.

The space wolf player sets up anywhere not within 12 inches of a board edge, and as his units are settling into camp each unit must be at least 6 inches from any other unit. The Eldar go first and move on from any table edge.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Campaign - Ardan V

Now that my friend Ian and I have completed our campaign on Ardan V, which saw my Space Wolves go up against his Eldar, I thought I would put up a sequence of posts to cover all aspects of the campaign.

This first post is purely to set out the background to the start of the campaign, with the scenario and rules for the first mission to be put up in the next few days.

I am also going to put up various artworks I found around on the net that I thought looked awesome, not sure who the artists are but they are very good indeed so hats off to them all.

Ardan V Campaign.

For the last two months, the warriors of Fjolnir Lightningwolfs Great Company of the Space Wolves of the Adeptus Astartes  have been fighting a bloody conflict with the Traitor Marines of the Oracles of Change.

This Tzeentchian warband and their sorcerous commander Amadeus Volkstein had attacked Ardan V without warning, and had devastated the PDF defending the capital city of Baston.
The PDF had however managed to hold off the traitor marines long enough for a good portion of the civilian population to evacuate the city, and for an astropathic distress call to be sent.

Luckily for Ardan V the Space Wolf strike cruiser Fang of Russ had been transiting the warp nearby on route to the embattled world of Cadia and diverted, along with its Gladius class escort Grimnar's Fury, to assist in the defence of Ardan.

When the Wolves arrived in the system two weeks later they encountered, engaged and destroyed the Carnage Class cruiser "Wanton Desecration" which had been in orbit around Ardan V, having glided into the system on low power, powering up to pound the Desecration with bombardment cannon and weapons batteries before it's crew knew they were there.

With the destruction of the Chaos vessel, the two Space Wolf vessels entered low orbit. Then with typical Space Wolf tactics, launched an immediate drop pod assault on two of the larger concentrations of the Oracles forces killing many traitors with only light casualties in return.

However the concentrations of Oracle units were never very high in any one area, instead they were scattered throughout the city as if searching for something.

With the sudden arrival of the Wolf Lord and his men however, this quickly changed, with the Oracle units reuniting and denying the Space Wolves the ability to isolate and destroy the originally small groups of traitors. The campaign settled into a bloody war of attrition as both sides hunted each other through the city. The sorcerous abilities of the Oracles pitted against the ferocity of the Wolves.

Eventually, after weeks of heavy fighting, the Wolves got the upper hand after a band of Wolf Scouts identified and located the Oracles commander, and guided the Lord Fjolnir and his Wolf Guard in for the kill.

Taken by surprise Amadeus and his bodyguard fought well, but the outcome was never really in doubt and Fjolnir struck the head from his shoulders with his Wolf Claw Vengeance.

Meanwhile in the dome of Crystal Seers on the Biel-Tan craftworld Farseer Arandril Starsong examined the skein of fate, looking for threats to his home and it's people. Drawing a rune from a pouch at his waist he cast it into the air before him, shaking his head in dismay seeing the rune of Tzeentch the Deciever before him, knowing it was not to be a good sign. Drawing more runes from his pouch the runes of war, and humanity took up an orbit around the rune of Tzeentch, with the rune of Biel-Tan taking orbit around these runes.

Allowing the runes to guide his perception of the skein of Fate he saw the super human warriors of humanity battling the forces of the Deciever on one of humanity's many worlds. Saw the savage Space Marines defeat the forces of Chaos, only to find something, a cursus, during the mopping up. Saw the bumbling human psychic activate the cursus, opening a direct gate to the realm of Chaos. Saw daemons pour through the rift in real space, overwhelm the Emperor's warriors, and infest a planet with a direct link to the webway. Saw daemons pouring through the webway into Biel-Tan itself.

The vision ended abruptly, as he saw his own death, torn apart by a pack of demons in service to the great enemy as they sort entry to the Dome of Crystal Seers.

Stunned briefly, Arandril stood there as his runes fell to the floor. Shaking off the after effects of the vision he gathered up his runes as his mind sought contact with another. His psyche soared through the towers and gardens of Biel-Tan until he found the one he sought, Elarique Dawnrunner, inspecting ships of the Fleet in the Forge of Vaul.

The Autarch immediately understood the seriousness of the vision, strode to the command centre of Biel-Tan's armed forces and began co-ordinating the assembly of a task force to intercept and destroy the humans before they could unleash this fate on the craftworld.

His first act was to send a small force under the Exarch Darryth Sunblade through the webway to secure an operating base on the world the humans knew as Ardan V.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Trollbloods Work Completed

This post is going to be a bit of a picture-fest, with some shots of the couple of Trollbloods I have worked on this week from how they came in their boxes up to their assembled and painted forms, which is a fair few pictures for those interested.

As you can probably tell from the photo, I started off my Trollbloods force by painting the Fell Caller Solo Hero and the Axer Light Warbeast. Both were relatively straight forward paint jobs, with the tartan pattern on the Fell Caller being suprisingly enjoyable to do (I was expecting this to be awkward as hell and not in the least bit simple).

The Fell Caller started off as four different pieces, the main body, left arm, right arm and the funnel/spout thing on his back. Easy to work out where each bit goes, I used green stuff and superglue to fix each appendage into position (I used this technique on all the models I have so far).

With the glue dry I then gave the models a good clean in warm soapy water and allowed them to dry fully before spraying them in white.

With the models assembled, cleaned and base coated it was time to begin painting. Having never really painted anything but Space Marines before (which are largely one block of colour with little dashes of other colour here and there) where would be the best place to start?

Thankfully the main base colours on the models only came down to three or four colours, all of which covered relatively large areas on the models. The troll skin (Night Blue - Vallejo Game Colour) and metal armour (Boltgun Metal - VGC) were by far the largest areas so I started there, before moving on to other bits of fabric (Khaki - VGC) and leather strapping (Charred Brown - VGC).

With the base colours down, the two models were then washed with Drakenhof Nightshade (GW) on the blue areas, Devlan Mud (GW) all fabric areas and Badab Black (GW) on all metal areas.

From here on out it was a matter of highlighting each area. For instance all the metal parts were highlighted with Mithril Silver (GW) and the light fabric with Filthy Brown (VGC). The chain mail type area on the Fell Caller was painted over with Burnished Gold (GW) and then washed down again with Gryphonne Sepia (GW). The leather strapping was then painted with Scorched Brown (GW) to make the central bits darker, but left the edges lighter.

That now just leaves the Troll skin, which was brought up by Electric Blue (VGC), taking care to stay away from the edges to maintain the depth and dark areas. Highlighting was then done with Space Wolves Grey (GW). The Fell Caller had a larger covering of Space Wolves Grey as I want the solo models in the army to have a lighter blue skin as opposed to the warbeast darker tone.

That is the general process followed for these two, and that which I will be following for the other trolls in the army (excluding the warlocks who are even more albino than the solo heroes). Here are the completed model:

Thanks for looking, I'll be back with more soon.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Space Marine Transfers

As I was writing my previous post I had a quick click over on the Games Workshop website and saw that they are advertising transfer sheets for a few of the Marine chapters. Chapters include:

Angels of Vengence, Aurora Chapter, Death Spectres, Flesh Tearers, Harald Deathwolf's Great Company, Iron Hands, Logan Grimnar's Great Company, Mentor Legion, Raven Guard and Salamanders.

A nice selection there for people who aren't overly great at freehand painting to get their hands on some transfers to finish off the markings on their armies.

Link to the Games Workshop page is here.

Arjac Rockfist The Anvil of Fenris

Arjac from the Space Wolves Codex
Having finished painting my own Arjac Rockfist, I thought I would use this post to look at the concept art we had of the man when the Space Wolves Codex first came out, what I did in terms of modelling in my own Arjac and finally how my model compares to the recently released official model.

From the artwork in the Space Wolves Codex we can see that Arjac has a right-handed storm shield, left-handed thunder hammer, an anvil on top of his suit of terminator armour with what appears to be a wolf pelt cloak fastened to his shoulder pad and going down his back.

The only other things to note on Arjac is that his storm shield looks huge in this picture and his thunder hammer can be thrown and cannot have any sort of cabling joining the hammer to his arm.

This then brings me on to the model I created to represent Arjac (at a time well before GW got round to releasing their own model, like many, many others out there).

The items to make storm shield/thunder hammer/anvil are talked about in the work in progress post I put up a few days. In my mind the anvil is pretty much spot on, the storm shield is the right size (i.e huge) but is more curved than the angular art work drawing and the thunder hammer I reckon looks epic, but has quite some differences from the art work.

The trickiest part of this Arjac was getting the right handed storm shield as all storm shields seem to be for the left hand only. This lead to me writing a post on converting storm shields to the right hand. In that example the arm is from a wolf claw, but with Arjac I used a right handed storm bolter arm, trimmed it down then added green stuff to add in the handle details for the shield.

I also think my Arjac head could do with a clean shave to accurately mirror the art work, but I only had the one head left when I was putting him together so I had to go with that rather than try locating a bald headed man.

I also decided with this model that I wanted the shoulder pads to be more epic than the usual terminator ones. I bought them from Ebay from a seller called Anvil Industry, their Ebay store can be found here. They needed a little bit of modification to fit onto the shoulders/below the pelt, but not much and they did fit pretty well.

The rest of the model came straight from the Space Wolves Wolf Guard Terminator box set, which meant little to do on the conversion front from this point, just the selection of the right legs and torso to suit my idea of Arjac. Having the pelts of two wolves on their helps to make him stand out above my other Wolf Guard Terminators, which he should do in his position as Grimnar's champion.

And then we had the Games Workshop release of Arjac Rockfist, which shares many of the same characteristics as the original art work, but also has a few differences.

The shield on the new model looks far to small and round to be compared to the drawing, but has a nice amount of detail on it, the thunder hammer looks a good size for smashing and throwing and has the same look as the art.

Arjac is also bald, which lines up nicely with the codex drawing, but appears to be lacking in wolf/fur pelts which appear to be present on the picture.

Arjac model released by Games Workshop
While I believe that the new model is a nice model, I also think it is lacking in, for want of a better word, epicness to really depict the pure strength and standing of the Astartes that Logan Grimnar called his champion.

While my own model may or may not deliver that feeling in everyone is not mine to say, but I feel that he is a giant that can command the stat line and story behind him. I am looking forward to running my freshly painted Arjac in battle very soon.

Thanks as always for looking, hope to see you again.

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