Monday, 23 December 2013

More Possessed Chaos Space Marines

One more Possessed Marine completed for the squad, which now has two completed models! At this rate I'll have the squad nicely finished in time for Easter...

More pictures below as well as a quick group shot of the two completed models for the squad (the Champion and this guy).

Enjoy and thanks for looking, hopefully I will be back with further painting updates in the not-too-distant future!

Friday, 6 December 2013

More Pink Marines... Possessed Chaos Space Marine

This is the first tester model I have done for a 5 man squad of Possessed marines I am aiming to get done before Christmas.

Once the base layers had been laid down it didn't take too long to get the entire marine complete. Very pink and he fits in well with the Helbrute I painted earlier in the year.

More pictures below of this model and hopefully more pictures of the rest of the squad to come in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks for looking and, as always, comments are welcome.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Troll With a Bazooka... It's Captain Gunnbjorn!

It has been a while since I have painted any Trolls for my Hordes Trollblood army so, following this guy being given to me for my birthday, I decided to get cracking on him.

The model in question is Captain Gunnbjorn, a warlock for the Trollbloods and, more importantly, the owner of a great big bazooka. Sheer insanity, but it looks awesome!

Anyway, not a lot else to say, so please enjoy the remaining couple of photos below and, if you like the look of the trolls, I will be back with more Trollbloods in the next week or so!

Thanks for looking and if you have any comments I would love to hear them!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Back After a Short Break... With a Chaos Lord!

Finally I have got round to getting some painting done and this week should see a few new models being put up as I get them completed. Woo!

First up is a Chaos Lord that I bought off Ebay a fair while back. It took me a year or so to notice, but the original models right arm has been replaced by the right arm from the Abaddon model, and I think it looks pretty awesome.

Lets not worry about the WYSIWYG elements of the model (plasma pistol, twin-linked boltguns and lightning claw) as I am sure a Chaos Lord could just pick any damn weaponry he (or she) pleases.

Anyway, couple more pictures below for you to have a look through. As always any thoughts, comments or criticisms welcomed! It's good to be back!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Project Gotham... Part 2

The second and probably final post for a while of a few of the inhabitants of Gotham City that I picked up recently.

The models in the pictures are Batman, Joker and some of his henchmen. All were enjoyable models to paint but, with a massive backlog of 40k stuff to paint and a baby soon to take over my world, it will be a long time till I get painting anyone else from the Batman universe.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures, comment if you want and hopefully I will see you back here in the future!

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