Saturday, 31 August 2013

Keeper of Secrets Progress

The updates on the blog have pretty much disappeared through August, so I am going to make every effort of the next couple of months to keep the updates flowing, starting with this quick update on the Keeper of Secrets I was starting to put together.

Following some suggestions on the blog, I have clipped off the little claws of the tail section and that is, unfortunately, as far as I have gotten with the Daemon. Next up is fixing on his arms/head - arms from the Daemon Prince box and the head from the original Keeper of Secrets.

I have also included a couple of pictures of the KoS that I am building next to the current model for the Greater Daemon, and then a shot of both next to a Daemon Prince - who'd have thought a Daemon Prince and the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh would be identical in height?

As always, all comments very much appreciated and all suggestions welcome. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Dark Knight and Friends

Every once in a while I fancy a change from painting Space Marines. Sometimes it takes the form of another 40k army (Daemons/Dark Eldar) and sometimes it falls to another gaming system (Hordes - Trollbloods). This time it has fallen to another gaming system to provide the models - Knight Models and their Batman models.

I am looking forward to painting the Batman (in between doing Fulgrim as well), and a couple of his other friends in the form of the Joker and associated miscreants.

I am not too sure just yet how many of the Batman characters I will obtain and paint, but I am looking forward to the different challenge of painting them as opposed to power armour.

Anybody else out there know of anyone who plays the Batman miniature game/has a good collection of the models and photos of them on the internet? Would be interesting to see how other people find them.

One more photo of the Joker and his thugs, although it may be a little blurry. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Having recently been given the Forgeworld sculpt of Fulgrim as a present (thanks again Ian), I have cleared everything from my schedule to begin working on him.

As you may have noticed, there hasn't been an update on the blog for a while. This is mainly down to it being far too warm to sit in my little man cave painting away. Now the summer is cooling down and I have this awesome model in my hands, the autumn period looks like it will be full of various painting projects that I have lined up, this being the first.

The sculpt itself is absolutely brilliant, so much detail and relatively intuitive to put together. For the sake of painting the model I am planning on leaving the Primarch detached from his base until both are complete before fixing them together.

Only got a couple of shots of this guy so far, as there isn't too much to see on the resin model, but more pictures will follow when the paint starts flowing. So until then, here are the other two pictures I have of him and the base. Thanks for looking!

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