Saturday, 29 June 2013

They Came From Above

Probably not a new idea, but I wasn't overly happy with any of the recent models available for the Chaos Space Marine Raptors, so decided to make some up using the wings from the Possessed set, along with a few other bits from that kit, mixed them together with some other weapons and created this bunch of Raptors.

In the squad there are two basic load outs of close combat weapon/bolt pistol, 2 with meltaguns and then the Champion who is armed with a plasma pistol and what could either be a power fist or sword.

The wings also have the bonus of keeping the unit spread out, which will mean less damage from blast templates, although making it slightly harder to hide them all in/behind cover.

Anyway, got a bit more modelling to do and also got to start the draw for the winner of the Lictor as well. Thanks for looking!

Friday, 28 June 2013

WYSIWYG Chaos Troops

It took me a few days longer than I expected, but my Chaos Marine troops are now fully built and are armed as I want them to be forever more. What you see is what you get with these guys, so lets take a look at what we are getting.

First Noise Marine squad is armed with four Sonic Blasters and the Champion is sporting a Powerfist and Doom Siren.

Noise Marine squad 2 is again armed with four Sonic Blasters but this time out the Champ only has a Doom Siren on top of his normal weaponry.

Half way through the Noise Marines squads now, this squad has three Sonic Blasters and a Blastmaster. The Champion is downgraded again to just a basic loadout.

Things are changing now as this squad is kitted out for getting in close, taking down the enemy with close combat - four guys with chainswords/bolt pistols. The Champion has a Doom Siren and Powersword to accompany his bolt pistol.

Squad number 5 come as a bog standard unit with a Blastmaster.

Identical loadout to squad 5, these guys have a Blastmaster as their only additional weapon.

And finally is a squad of Thousand Sons. Basic out of the box set up, with 8 men carrying Boltguns, the Aspiring Sorceror with Bolt Pistol and Force Sword and then the banner bearer using his powers of levitation to make the burning standard float in the air behind him.

As always, thanks for looking, next post up is the Raptors I have worked on!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

WIP Chaos Lord

The post today is to ask the blogging community for their thoughts on what else I can do to the Tyberos the Red Wake model to make him look more Chaos-y.

Currently there is the extra large trophy rack, coupled with a daemon prince arm guard and an additional spike on his right hand. I have covered over the Imperial eagle and I am planning on giving him a green stuff cloak, fixed to the underside of the trophy rack.

So, I am asking if anyone has any crazy suggestions to anything else I could try with this guy to suit the Slaanesh/Emperor's Children force he will be commanding.

Thanks to everyone who leaves a comment and further thanks to all those who have stopped by the blog to have a look!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Great Build of 2013

Keeper of Secrets
Since finishing the Space Wolves I have embarked on a massive quest to build/convert all the models I have so far collected for my Chaos Space Marines/Daemons armies.

I am pleased to see that I am now hitting the home straight, having put together 6 squads of Noise Marines, 1 squad of Thousand Sons, sorted out my Raptor squad, started on a TDA Chaos Lord and built a Keeper of Secrets.

I will be splitting the completed photos across a few posts, as there are plenty of them to go around! And once the construction is complete, then I have a hell of a lot of painting to be getting on with. Still, fully painted armies are worth it, aren't they?

Enjoy the photos and comment freely! Thanks for looking.

Chaos Marine Troops
WIP TDA Chaos Lord

Monday, 17 June 2013

The Last Space Wolf.

This is the last one everybody. The last Space Wolf that needed painting to complete my Space Wolves. Four years after starting them I can finally say I have a fully painted Space Wolves force.

This final guy is of course the standard bearer for a pack of Grey Hunters who bear the same shoulder/pack markings as him.

On this model is also my very first attempt at creating my own banner out of green stuff. I am relatively happy with the result, don't get me wrong, but I feel it can be improved upon in the future, mainly in the aspect of the modelling where the banner reaches the pole at the top and the general freehand paint job could do with a little more life to it.

Anyway, I am not going to gripe too much as I am pleased to have completed all these guys. A little bit of basing and a lot of snow to add and then I will get a full army shot in all its glory. Here are a couple more pics of this Grey Hunter, thanks for looking!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Roll Up, Roll Up! Win a Lictor!

Another reminder folks to get your comments in to stand a chance of winning this Tyranid Lictor.

As for an end date for this competition, I am thinking somewhere near the start of July, so make sure you get at least one comment in before then so you have a chance of winning.

Your comment doesn't just have to be on this post, it can be on this post, or this one, it doesn't matter. He will be sent to where ever in the world you are, just leave a comment and you are in.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Phoenician Incoming

As most of you have probably seen by now, Fulgrim is the next character from the Horus Heresy series to be released by Forge World.

He follows on from Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters, in the Primarchs to be released from the series and is one of the two Primarchs I have been waiting for.

With the beginnings of my Emperor's Children/Slaanesh army well under way now, the Phonenician will be a great addition to the look of the army, even if I can't use him that much. Really looking forward to getting hold of the model and giving it a good deal of attention! For more pictures follow this link.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Unboxing Random Supplies from Ebay

I found a big lot on Ebay the other day. It was listed as various bits of Chaos Space Marines but was largely unspecific and the pictures weren't 100% clear on what was in there.

So, what is any one with an addiction to the little plastic models going to do? Ignore it? Let it pass by and go to some other unwitting fool? Or do you bid away merrily until you win your prize? You all know the answer already. The attraction to the unknown was too great. I dived in and damned the consequences to the back of my mind.

So, with the aim of justifying this splurge, this post will aim to do just that (I hope) and hopefully, if my wife asks, I can just point her to this post and show her how in spending money I have saved me some money.

The top half of the box contained a decent haul of plastic treasure, more so than I had hoped for. Included in this is the main body of a Defiler/SOul Grinder, a huge bag of Chaos bits (including Daemon Prince bits, bodies, legs and arms of Chaos Space Marines, banners, Possessed bits, generally all sorts of bits), a full 10 men Chaos Space Marine Squad, 4 Possessed Marines, 2 Genestealers, 1 Assault Marine with jet pack and an Ork of some description.

Not a bad haul so far. The Possessed will join my other 5 mutated ones and the squad will be just a plain marked squad.

The Assault Marine has made me consider adding some Sky Claws to my Wolves, but that will have to wait a while.

And then we have the body of the Defiler/Soul Grinder. The rest of the bits for the Defiler were in the rest of the box, so it would be possible to go that route. Except that I already have a Defiler and don't want another one.

So that got me thinking what could I make? I could buy the Soul Grinder bits and make that, but I'm not convinced about that. So I took a look through my own Chaos bits bag and struck on an idea - a Maulerfiend! Have you ever seen a 'fiend made from a Defiler base? Me neither, so that means it must be attempted. It will either be great or fail miserably. In my mind it is definitely the former.

So, the rest of the box contained these sprues with enough on there to create another 9 Chaos Marines. Here I will invest a little in converting the bodies to Thousand Sons. I have a force staff in the bits bag I got in this lot, so just need to make the rest look sorcery and I am away with them. Always nice to have some AP3 bolter shells firing around the table top.

I will also be putting together some Slaanesh bikers (T5, I5 high speed freaks) with a couple of boxes of the new Chaos bike squads that GW brought a couple of weekends ago.

And finally, the one bit of the box I don't think I will need and will be looking to sell on - Chaos Vehicle Accessories sprues. 4 of them. I only have one Land Raider and 1 Rhino so I can't see a use for these. They are all intact so should hopefully find their way to a useful home sooner or later.

So, all in all, not a bad haul. As a quick calculation. based on what GW would sell this as for new we get -

Maulerfiend - £40
5 Possessed Marines - £20.50
20 Chaos Space Marines - £46.00
4 Chaos Vehicle Accessories Sprues - £36.00
Total - £142.50

And hopefully I should get something back if I manage to sell off the accessories sprue. In conclusion, Ebay can be incredible for bargains sometimes. It will also keep me busy fixing up my Emperor's Children/Thousand Sons for the next few weeks. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wolf Guard Armoury... And Fashion Show!

Here we have the complete armoury for my four magnetised Wolf Guard Terminators. 38 weapons in total, made up of 37 arms and 1 cyclone missile launcher.

Thankfully they didn't take me anywhere near as long as I thought they were going to, otherwise I may have only done half the amount and then conveniently lost the other half.

The list of outstanding Space Wolves to complete for the army now stands at a solitary one and he is half way done already, so I am hoping that by the end of the weekend I will have all my Wolves done, almost 4 years after starting them!

In the mean time, here are some pictures of the Wolf Guard trying out some of their new weapons. Enjoy!

Here we have a terminator with cyclone missile launcher, storm shield and chainfist with his friend armed with a thunder hammer and combi-melta.

Next up its a combi-plasma and powerfist combination on one and assault cannon and power sword on the other.

Now we have a heavy flamer and powerfist termie alongside a dual wolf claw termie.

And finally we have your standard Wolf Guard terminator with storm bolter and power sword alongside his mate with a wolf claw and storm shield. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Win a Lictor Competition

A very quick reminder for all you folks out there who really want to own a Lictor - just leave a comment on this post or the original and the bug is all yours.

Look at him on the left there, so cuddly, so huggable, enjoys nothing more than munching on Imperial Guardsmen and only needs feeding once a month. Tell me you want him and he could be yours.

I have no end date for this, could be tomorrow or a couple of weeks time, so don't delay, get your comment down and cross your lucky pants that you win!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

On the Painting Table... June

Time for a bold statement. This month, June 2013, will finally see all my Space Wolves painted, complete and finished. Over 5,000pts of Wolves painted and all my urges to paint more of them satisfied. But what have I got left to complete this aim?

To start with I have 36 terminator arms and a cyclone missile launcher to finish off for the bodies I finished at the end of last month. Following them I have one solitary Grey Hunter Standard Bearer.

With them all finished off all I have to do is add snow to 100+ model bases and my work on my Fenrisian children is over. Then I will try to find a space big enough to take a few pictures of the entire army in one place. Should be fun.

Following the completion of my Wolves I will be putting down the paintbrush for a short while and will instead be picking up my hobby knife, various modelling tools, glue and green stuff and will begin a massive phase of unit building.

I have amassed a few models over the months that I just haven't got round to painting so, before I start a focussed period of painting, I am going to build everything ready for painting.

Off the top of my head I should have two Keepers of Secret (1 GW model KoS and 1 of my own design), a herald of Slaanesh, Chariot of Slaanesh, converting normal Chaos Space Marines into Noise Marines and hopefully building a Maulerfiend and Soul Grinder from a whole load of bits I bought off Ebay. I even think I may still have some construction work on my Dark Eldar to do. If it needs building it is being built this month.

That's a fair amount of work to do this month, bearing in mind it is my wife's 30th birthday at the end of the month and the British and Irish Lions are (hopefully) kicking some Australian ass all month in the rugby as well. Maybe it is time to retire, 37 years early, to focus all my efforts into this hobby!

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