Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Build-Your-Own Chaos Daemons

Monstrous creatures need to huge, terrifying and, well, monstrous. With that particular design brief in my mind I set out to create something so horrendous it could only have come from the Warp. This my friends, is the beginning of my vision for what a Keeper of Secrets, the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh, may indeed look like.

Once the model is made I will show you how it compares in size to the current Keeper of Secrets (available from all good Games Workshop stores). To give you an idea though, the current model reaches up to as high as this guys waist.

The first picture here shows the model in the early stages before I went a bit crazy adding on several claws.

Once all the arms have been added on (two more pairs on the main body, one arm holding a sword and three arms with open hands) all that is left is fixing a head to the monster.

The head in question is one left over from the Keeper of Secrets box. I am a little unsure as to whether it is a little bit too small, given the size of the body, or whether it will actually look ok. I am tempted to just put it all together and see what the end result is before making any decision.

I am also starting to question whether this demi-god of the Chaos worlds really needs 6 pairs of arms. Or maybe he/she/it does?

As the other update for this post is the Herald of Slaanesh I have also built. In giving it a tail, it is supposed to represent it having a steed to ride in to battle so that it can join with my Seeker squad when necessary.

Pictures are below, thanks for looking and hope to see you dropping by again!


  1. I love custom builds and you have done a nice job. However, the 'nid bits don't work for me. I'm afraid they are so different that it will always look like a 'nid and a daemon hybrid. I like what you're trying but the 'nid elements will need to be greenstuffed to make it more chaosy.

    To anonymous: man up and post your name if you're gonna be insulting, have the jewels to stand behind it. You are a coward and a bully. I'm calling you out. I hope you get tabled in your next game.

  2. Just a thought: clipping off the little spines from the Tyranid tail might go quite some way towards changing the look of the tail.

    The herald doesn't particularly do much for me - I think because of the odd pose of the tail rather than the style, but the keeper of secrets is looking great. I too think the current models are far too small.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, albeit with some a little more helpful than others, I still appreciate people taking the time to comment.

    Once the weather has cooled down a little bit and I can face going back into my little hobbit cave I will carry out some further work on reducing the 'nid elements. Thanks for the suggestion Angelic_Despot, I'll give it a go and see where I get to.


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