Friday, 28 September 2012

Getting Closer All the Time.

Another quick update on how I am getting along with this mini-challenge I gave myself. So far, so good it must be said. The Beastnasters board is complete, with the Beastmaster himself around 40% complete.
The Clawed Fiend needs layering up a fair way and is a long way from completion. When I get round to focussing on him though, it should not take too long for him to come together nicely.

Lelith is the last model in this update. All bases layers on and shading applied to the skin. Shall be focusing on completing her hair and skin before moving on to her armour and weapons.

The board is now complete and I am happy with how it turned out. Very happy with the edge highlighting as I have managed to keep the lines relatively smooth and straight to the actual edge of the board. Only slight disappointment is the engine block, which I think got a bit too much attention during the priming stage, and is one of my techniques I believe I will have to look at to improve all future models that I paint.

Anyway, please see below for a few more pictures of the progress made, I apologise for the bluriness on them, better pictures will be taken once the models are complete.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger... I Wish!

Completed now are the two Rat Ogre/Grotesque conversions I have done to add to my Dark Eldar forces.

These two were very simple to paint and only needed around 5 different colour areas to complete, which makes a change to normal!

They will be joining 3 standard GW issue Grotesques that I have at the moment, with an eye on another 5 to join them at some point. Having said that though, I've seen a unit of 6 of these guys and Urien Rakarth butcher their way through a Blood Angels army and only take two casualties, so I am not sure the full 10 man squad is entirely required.

Anyway, really pleased with how these guys have turned out (except for maybe that canister on metal hands shoulder) and now looking forward to finishing the other three models and taking a peek at how my painted Dark Eldar look together.

With all that done I will then be looking in to finding a new challenge for myself and I am thinking of something big, something I never considered myself until my wife and friends mentioned it to me.

I shall hopefully layout this challenge within the next week or so. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Grotesques - Pulling It Together

Quick update on the progress on the Grotesques.

Started these fellas on Friday and managed to get all the base layers on all areas on the same day. Pretty pleased with myself as I quite often find myself procrastinating majorly when I want to get something done.

Managed to stick with it this time though, these guys should be finished in the next couple of days, so the final update is very much incoming.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dark Vengeance - The Slow Mans Unboxing

Dark Vengeance has been out, what, three weeks or so now? And only now am I getting round to looking through it and reporting on what I have found? Yes I believe is the answer to both those questions. And yes, I do work that slowly at times.

So, onto the box set itself. I won't run through the individual components of the box as these can be found in a million places across the internet. What I will say is that the contents of the box is, in my opinion, absolutely phenomenal.

The detail on all the models, from the Renegade Militia through to the Hellbrute, the bog-standard Tactical Marines to the Limited Edition Interrogator-Chaplain is top notch. I haven't started painting any of them, but I am very much looking forward to it!

The value for money the box represents is breathtaking - buying the models separately would cost in excess of the £64, nevermind including the mini rulebook, Dark Vengeance missions, quick start rule sheets and the templates, dice and rulers also included. Hats off to Games Workshop on this one, a quality set at a bargainous price.

It has, however, given me one headache on which I cannot work out what to do. This problem is the Dark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus. I am not and will probably never collect Dark Angels. I have no need for another Chaplain type fella within the ranks of my Space Wolves. I want to sell off all the non-Chaos stuff from the DV box set (excluding the mini rulebook, I am keeping that so that I can stop making up the rules as I go along!). But I so very badly want to build and paint Mr Seraphicus, the model is too nice to let go of without getting to paint it first.

So my plan is to build him, paint him, get photos of him and post them on here, then sell him off to a loving home where he can join his battle brothers in many, many battles in the future.

And now, back to my Grotesques...

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