Saturday, 1 September 2012

On the Painting Table... Coming Up Soon (I Hope!)

A quick look ahead at what appears to be a very Dark Eldar orientated autumn period for me.

Starting with Talos Pain Engine I will also be aiming to completely paint the Beastmaster with Clawed Fiend, Lelith Hesperax and the two freshly converted Grotesques by the end of October.

Challenge accepted.

While, initially at least, it may not sound like too much of a challenge (6 models in just over 8 weeks), a lot of that time will either be spent in work or travelling around the country so I will have to pull my finger out to get as much done in the evenings as I can. I will also have to stop myself getting too involved in all the new Chaos gear coming out, well, after Saturday anyway, once I have been through Dark Vengeance and put all the new Chaos models together from it.

Here are the rest of the guys to be completed:

I will keep the blog updated with the progress I make as often as I can

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