Saturday, 8 December 2012

Chaos Lord Completed

Here is the first Marine model I have completed from the Dark Vengeance boxset, the Chaos Lord known as Kranon the Relentless. This guy won't be filling the role of the Crimson Slaughters Lord, but will instead be used in my Emperor's Children warband, leading them in my many battles against the other forces of the galaxy.

Not a lot else to say, so please enjoy the rest of the pictures of this guy and thanks for looking!



  1. did you wash the pink parts of the armour? and how did you do the blending on the gun (the growth with eyes) it looks really effective.

  2. disregard I just found your tutorial on the armour!

  3. No worries! I'll get back to you on the gun as well, can't remember off the top of my head what I did!

  4. Thats ok, out of interest what are your opinions on air brushes? I have looked at them and spray paints from army painter. I will be looking to 5 razorbacks and wonder which is better?

  5. Unfortunately I cannot help you on air brushes, I am yet to get/try one out. I struggle using the base coat spray, normally putting it on too heavy and losing details, so recently I've tended to hand paint the base coat on.

    For 5 razorbacks though, you will need something quicker and easier than hand painting, let me know how you get on!

  6. will do. I thought i'd try on a tau army I bought off of ebay first. It was a bit of a bargain so i dont mind if it doesnt work so ordered some army painter desert yellow...


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