Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Current State of the Army... Chaos

As a marker for the future, I wanted to put up a picture of the completed models I have for my 40k armies of Chaos, Space Wolves and Dark Eldar.

This post looks at what I have completed, up to December 2012, of my Chaos Space Marines. Hopefully by this time next year, as well as having more Marines complete, there will be more of a daemon presence within this fledgling Emperor's Children force.

Currently complete we have Lucius the Eternal, Lord, Sorcerer, Daemon Prince, Helbrute and a Defiler. I am looking forward to completing a lot more of this army during 2013.


  1. I like it, are you going for any other gods in the army to break up the pink theme? Tzeentch might go well?

  2. My original plan wasn't to include any other god, but that is more than likely going to change over the next year, with one or two units from the other gods to break it up a bit.


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