Friday, 31 August 2012

Grotesque Conversions

Another quick post today to show you a couple of the Grotesques I have converted for my Dark Eldar army, having been inspired from what I have seen on other blogs and in general around the internet. It is also a much cheaper alternative than buying a new Grotesque each time I want to expand the unit.

Both of these two are from the Island of Blood Skaven Rat Ogre set, with the chap on the right just taking a mask from the Talos/Cronos kit, while the beast on the right gets a new hand, some armour and a mask from the same kit.

Very much looking forward to getting these guys (and the three other regular Grotesques) painted up through the rest of the year.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Progress on the Trollbloods

Since my last post I have been working on these two Trollbloods - the Trollkin Hero and and the Stone Scribe Chronicler. Both are around 50% complete now, so thought I would put them up here to chart their progress.

I do not believe there is a lot more to be said. Obviously these guys need a few highlights and their skin tone finishing as well as some symbols adding to the Chroniclers scroll. Here are some clearer shots of the two Trolls individually -

Friday, 24 August 2012

It Is Good To Be Back... With a Completed Archon

It has been a very hectic, and very warm, month for me which has seen me only able to get in a few more games of the new 6th edition, whilst also sporadically reading rumours and getting some painting down very, very slowly.

I have completed the Archon for my fledgling Dark Eldar force over the last month. I think the model itself was awesome, but painting him... I just did not feel the want to keep going back to him to finish him off. Unfortunately for me, I just cannot start something else while leaving another thing unfinished, so here we are with a finished Archon almost a month after starting him. It also did not help that my painting room has been so warm recently that my paints have started drying up pretty quickly after mixing them on my palette.

But hey-ho, there is much more to look forward to now than moaning about not wanting to paint one model and the temperature is a little too warm! There are new rumours out seemingly daily at the moment regarding the impending Chaos Marine Codex, models, Dark Angels, Starter Sets, release schedules for models for other armies. In short, there is a lot happening in the 40k world between now and the end of the year, hell, even next summer based on some rumours. It is going to be awesome.

Outside of the Chaos releases planned for this year, I am looking forward to pushing my Dark Eldar army on a bit. Now I have finished the Archon, I will be moving on to a Talos Pain Engine, converting a couple of Rat Ogres into Grotesques, generally aiming to get a completed Dark Eldar army to go alongside the Space Wolves I have already finished and the Chaos/Slaanesh Marines army I have in the pipeline.

As for the rumoured Chaos releases, the Hell Brutes and Chaos Cultists do sound and look very appealing as does the new Chaos Lord and Chosen Marines available in the Starter set, which will probably be worth a purchase for those items alone, never mind the rulebook (which I still need to get a copy of) and whatever else comes in the starter set.

So, very much to look forward to, it is just a shame that I only have one spare weekend between now and the start of October to get stuck in to all the upcoming new releases. At least I will have my weekday evenings!

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