Sunday, 23 September 2012

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger... I Wish!

Completed now are the two Rat Ogre/Grotesque conversions I have done to add to my Dark Eldar forces.

These two were very simple to paint and only needed around 5 different colour areas to complete, which makes a change to normal!

They will be joining 3 standard GW issue Grotesques that I have at the moment, with an eye on another 5 to join them at some point. Having said that though, I've seen a unit of 6 of these guys and Urien Rakarth butcher their way through a Blood Angels army and only take two casualties, so I am not sure the full 10 man squad is entirely required.

Anyway, really pleased with how these guys have turned out (except for maybe that canister on metal hands shoulder) and now looking forward to finishing the other three models and taking a peek at how my painted Dark Eldar look together.

With all that done I will then be looking in to finding a new challenge for myself and I am thinking of something big, something I never considered myself until my wife and friends mentioned it to me.

I shall hopefully layout this challenge within the next week or so. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!


  1. those are great! ive been looking for suitable models for grotesque conversions. great idea.

  2. Thanks! Not much conversion work was carried out on either of them. I can't take credit for the idea for using the Rat Ogres though, the idea came my way from Dark Future Games (


Thanks for your comment it is very much appreciated. I hope to hear more from you in the future!

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