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Chaos Space Marines v Crimson Fists. Report 6

Black Crusade - 2,000pts

This game represents my first using an army that doesn't hail from the ice world of Fenris. As such I wasn't thinking of a competitive list at all for the battle, but a list that would allow me to use and observe the units I chose to deploy. The result was probably one of the most exciting and fun games of Warhammer 40k I have ever taken part in. Kudos to my opponent, another Ian, who also enjoyed the slaughter as much as I did.

Using the Black Crusade mission from the Battle Missions book (pg 12 for those with the book to hand) the battle was pitched at 2,000pts, Chaos leading first, 5 turns decided the victor of the skirmish.

Crimson Fists
Pedro Kantor 
Librarian in Terminator Armour - Storm Shield

Terminator Assault Squad - 2 x Lightning Claws (pair), 2x Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield, Sergeant with Lightning Claws.
Sternguard Veteran Squad - 5 men, Combi-Melta, Power fist

Tactical Squad - 10 men, Plasma Gun, Missile Launche, Power Weapon
Tactical Squad - 10 men, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher, Power Weapon
Tactical Squad - 10 men, Flamer, Missile Launcher, Power Weapon

Vanguard Veteran Squad - Jump Packs, Relic Blade, 4 x Power Weapon

Land Raider Redeemer - Extra Armour, Multi-Melta
Predator - Twin-Linked Lascannon, Lascannon Sponsons, Extra Armour

Chaos Space Marines
Lucius the Eternal
Terminator Lord - Twin-Linked Bolter, Power Weapon

Terminators - 5 men, Icon of Slaanesh, 2xTwin-Linked Bolters,2xCombi-Weapons, Reaper Autocannon, 3xPower Weapon, Chainfist and Power fist.
Possessed Marines - 4 men with 1 Champion

Chaos Space Marines - 8 men, Icon of Slaanesh, Plasma Gun with Aspiring Champion - Combi-Melta and Power fist. 
Chaos Space Marines - 9 men, Icon of Slaanesh, 2xMelta Gun with Aspiring Champion - Combi-Melta and Power fist, Rhino.
Noise Marines - 7 men, Personal Icon, 6 x Sonic Blasters, Blast Master with Aspiring Champion with Power Weapon and Doom Siren.

Chaos Raptors - 4 men, 2xMelta Gun with Aspiring Champion - Plasma Pistol, Power Weapon

Obliterators - 2 men(?)

Land Raider

The Battle

A bloody affair this one was, with both Land Raiders falling in the first turn, the Loyalist machine falling to the lascannons of the Obliterators and the Chaos equivalent going to the lascannons of the Predator. I will talk about some of the effective units from the Chaos side of things shortly, and also some of the less effective units.

The tactics from the Chaos side was to keep the Chaos units relatively close together so they could support each other, hopefully knocking out on flank of the enemy and controlling the battle along one of the short sides. By and large the tactic and units were successful in doing this and once the carnage was called to a close, the Chaos force was triumphant by 13 points to 11.

Lucius the Eternal

I have always wanted to field this guy since reading the opening five Horus Heresy novels. For his debut he didn't disappoint either. He got away with making a few invulnerable saves (5+ for those without the Chaos Codex) which is incredible given I generally fail 3+ Storm Shield saves, while also whittling down a couple of squads in close combat. The one and only time he fell on the battle field was to Pedro Kantor and his Power fist. Upon his return he got close enough to the Vanguard to kill all five of them with his Doom Siren, which is also quite a beastly weapon against units with a 3+ or worse save. 

Noise  Marines

Before fielding them I hadn't really looked too much into their stats, they were put in just to satisfy my need for an Emperors Children/Slaaneshi feel to my army, but, boy, can they throw out a lot of fire power if you don't move them. Thankfully the majority of the action pivoted around their position in a building 10" from the centre line of the long side of the table. They didn't take a single casualty during the game and put various holes in numerous squads.


A good solid performance from these guys saw a Land Raider ruined and the Predator reduced to an immobilised wreck, with only one gun still functioning but unable to see anything by the end. They absorbed a huge amount of fire before being overwhelmed by the fire power directed at them. Being able to select the best gun for the job in hand is a good benefit, especially when coming up against another marine army.

Possessed Marines

And now for the one and only unit that failed to do anything of any particular note. Having no ranged weaponry and getting the Scout special rule at the start of the game, these guys attempted to move up the field behind the cover of the Rhino, before getting in to close combat with the closest unit they could find. Unfortunately by the time this happened they were down to two men against 6, of which they couldn't make a dent before being wiped out and never managing to return to the battlefield. There has to be a way to field them usefully and effectively. Maybe a bigger squad with a better roll for the special rule they get? Needs more testing.


The addition to the Initiative was a handy bonus against marines who generally strike at Initiative 4, allowing this Chaos army to reduce its losses in close combat by killing more of the enemy before they hit them. The army had a good mix of ranged fire power and close range nastiness and Lucius was very fun to throw into combat at every opportunity. Next time I just have to remember to use the Armour of Shrieking Souls when I make those armour saves in close combat.

While there is not much I would change to the base of the army, I feel the possessed marines need to be replaced as they did close to nothing. Possibly dropping the Terminator Lord (although he also made an inordinately high number of invulnerable saves) and the Possessed Marines and using a Daemon Prince to add further strength to the close combat punch of the army would be a possibility and one that I will very possibly try out once I have my DP assembled.

As for the game itself it was immensely enjoyable as I mentioned earlier and has given me an extra thrust in getting back in to war gaming and this will hopefully lead to more content for the blog as I start getting back in to the swing of things! Cheers for reading folks, hopefully I will be back with more content pretty soon.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

White Dwarf 382 - October 2011

I have had a subscription for White Dwarf for the most part of the last year. For the last couple of months the issue has been delivered no earlier than 5 days after the issue has been available on the shelf of my local newsagent. Having contacted Games Workshop for clarification this is the response:

Just so you are aware we have had a change in service to the way in which White Dwarf Subscriptions work. Whereas before your subscription would be posted out at the beginning of the week before release this has changed and now been moved to the Friday before the release so it arrives with you the week after the release. 

So there we are folks, if you have the subscription you will not be seeing it before it is released in the shops, but hopefully you will see it in the week after its released. Bit rubbish, and makes you seriously consider whether the subscription is worth it, given the the magazine is showing signs of turning back to pushing of whatever new army has been released in Warhammer or 40k.

Anyway, that's my moaning over with, we can now see what's going on in this months issue. Unsurprisingly, given the release of Dreadfleet recently, a large majority of the issue is given over to the new game from Games Workshop. Personally I have little interest in the game, but there is a large amount of information that would be very interesting for any of you out there who want to pursue the game. From an introduction to the game to various tactica you can use when playing to a full on battle report, there is quite the information treasure chest for those interested in Dreadfleet.

The Dreadfleet intro section is followed by modelling and painting tutorials for assembling a Wyvern and painting Mournfang Cavalry. This is followed by rules for the scrolls of binding for Thundertusks, Mournfangs and Stonehorn.

Now for the 40k players, Sisters of Battle commanders especially, comes the section of new Battle Missions for the Adepta Sororitas. The three missions shown in the issue are 'Defend the Shrine', 'Recover the Relics' and 'Purge the Heretic'. All missions look like great fun, with the latter two easily adaptable to suit any armies you may fancy pitting against each other. 'Defend the Shrine'  has special rules linked directly to the Sisters' Acts of Faith/Shield of Faith.

The issue finishes off with another painting tutorial. This time it is for the Dreadfleet models and terrain, but there are some useful tips in the there that can be used across 40k/Fantasy such as painting corpse flesh, guts, painting metal, flames and rock amongst many other items.

Again there is no indication as to what we can look forward to in next months issue, but I will be back next month all the same, looking through the issue well after it is available in the shops!

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