Wednesday, 29 June 2011

White Dwarf 379 - July 2011

What is the point in reviewing White Dwarf I hear you asking? It is merely a vessel for Games Workshop to list endlessly and relentlessly everything that they sell, with little to no content that can be deemed useful to the hobby. Well, this month its still a large majority of its usual self, but there is a fair chunk of brand new information within its pages.

WD starts with the introduction of Storm of Magic, something that looks to be quite an expansion to Warhammer. I don't know much about Warhammer as I have never played it, but the expansion sees a host of new models to be released including individual men and a fair few monsters. These come in the usual variety of materials including Citadel Finecast. The remaining coverage in WD looks at various articles surrounding the Storm of Magic release and culminates in a battle report based on the expansion.

The remainder of WD turns its focus on the goings on in Warhammer 40k. Beginning with a Dark Eldar workshop, tutorials are given for preparing and assembling Citadel Finecast and painting tutorials for the skin of Wracks (or quite conceivably any DE) and the vials that pretty much all DE carry. A few handy tips and tricks in there.

Then we move onto the Cities of Death feature which has 12 new official stratagems, giving a new one to each army type, and 4 new scenarios, as well as an article on terrain that has made me want to get going with designing and building my own battle board. The battle report then goes on to use one of the new scenarios and stratagems as the Space Wolves (led by Ragnar Blackmane) take on Huron Blackhearts' Chaos Space Marines.

The July edition of White Dwarf for me has been more interesting than any for a while. The 40k section especially as GW have not used their latest army (Grey Knights if you had forgotten!) to beat everything else to a pulp to prove it is a must have army. Here's to hoping that GW can keep it moving in this sort of useful direction, rather then reverting back to the 120 page advert for GW of recent times. And here's looking forward to the first part of Codex: Sisters of Battle that will be in next months White Dwarf.

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