Thursday, 16 June 2011

Space Wolves: Heavy Support

Long Fangs
Their normal load out for my lists are:

6 men, 3 x Missile Launchers, 2 x Lascannons.

This keeps it simple and allows them to focus on two different targets with similar weaponry. The missile launchers can focus on troops/light armoured vehicles while the lascannons focus on tougher vehicles. The sergeant is kept as basic as possible to keep the points cost down.

 They are also normally accompanied by a Wolf Guard in terminator who will also be sporting a cyclone missile launcher. Added to the current set-up thats 5 Str 8 AP3 krak missiles with 2 Str 9 AP2 lascannon shots per turn until they can be cut down. Its no real surprise to see the Long Fangs targeted from the outset as they are able to deal out serious amounts of damage with their weaponry. The sergeants Fire Control special rule allows for vast amounts of damage to be done as fire from the Long Fangs can be directed at two different targets.

The Long Fangs are also pretty decent in close combat. With a full squad you can be looking at 14 I4 attacks on the counter-assault (as assaulting with them is something you don't really want to do if it can be helped).With your Long Fangs generally being in cover they will be striking first more often than not and should be able to do some damage, especially if they have a Wolf Guard with Power Weapon with them. If you read here, these Long Fangs were immoveable in the face of Blood Angels onslaught.

Land Raider Redeemer
As with all Land Raiders, the pinnacle of Space Marine vehicles is available to the Wolf Guard alone as dedicated transport, or as a heavy support choice. If taking it as the latter it is possible to load it up prior to turn one with any unit you have in your army and then run it forward to deliver its payload. Effectively you can launch a 20" assault (move the tank 12", disembark 2", assault 6") in one turn. So if you are loaded up with Wolf Guard, or even Grey Hunters led by a Wolf Priest/Lord, a lot of enemy units would fall under such onslaught.

Outside of this tanks ability to launch assaults half way across the table, the weaponry available on this variation of the machine is rather short-ranged. The Flamestorm cannons, while being Str 6 AP3 still only have the same range as your normal flamer template, which means you will have to be very close to your opponents troops to make them work. The assault cannon with its 36" range will help to clear out one or two men prior to launching any assault.

Land Raider Crusader
With its increased capacity to 16 models (from 12 in the Redeemer variant) this variant can transport up to 8 men in TDA or a full pack of Blood Claws led by a Wolf Priest, the latter of which gives 64 re-rollable to hit attacks on the charge in which you can have up to 8 re-rollable to hit power weapon attacks. The potential for inflicting damage on your opponent is incredibly high, but taking into consideration the cost of the tank and unit inside it you could easily be looking at a 550pt+ point cost.

The Hurricane bolters add in a decent amount of fire against the enemy before disembarking and assaulting, and the frag launchers help to negate the fact that terminators do not carry any grenades that can help while assaulting units in cover. It is fairly safe to assume though, no matter what you are transporting in the tank and what your plans are for the unit, that this flagship vehicle will be target priority number 1 for any enemy that it is used against. Using it in conjunction with drop pods and sufficient fast attack units will give your army enough of a hammer strike to hopefully put a big hole in your enemies lines before they have chance to take yours apart.

This post completes the quick look through the units I have painted and available for my Space Wolves. Hopefully over the coming weeks I will get a bit more game time and will be reporting back on the successes of the named characters and in which configurations and set ups they achieved their success.

In the mean time, please get voting in the poll on the side to decide which character model I will get hold of and get painted up for this blog.

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