Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Conversion - Combi-Weapon

Storm Bolter, Flamer, Shoulder Pad
Pretty much every marine army will have combi-weapons in some capacity or other, but the availability of these weapons is pretty rare and can be expensive. The simple solution is to create your own combi-weapons.

We will take a a storm bolter, flamer and shoulder pad to make a combi-flamer for a terminator in this instance, but the method behind it is quite easily transferred across to make either a combi-melta or combi-plasma.

We will begin by taking the storm bolter and trimming off the barrel and all associated bits on the front of the bolter so that we have room to fit the flamer barrel and a repositioned bolter barrel on the front of the weapon. if you manage to remove the barrel cleanly you may want to keep it so that it can be reused as the barrel on the new weapon. Once this is done, clean up the weapon with any necessary filing and place to one side for the moment.

For the next stage we will cut the end from the flamer weapon we have, filing off all uneven edges so that the end section will sit nice and flat on the end of the storm bolter body we have just trimmed and prepared. When they are to our satisfaction we will use plastic glue to join the two bits. The plastic glue doesn't set instantly like super glue and as such gives us some time to reposition the flamer section as we require.

Once the flamer section has been fixed in place we will need to add a bolter barrel to the weapon to finish it off. We can either take a boltgun and trim the barrel from there or use the barrel we cut off earlier and fashion it down to a single barrel. The piece of the barrel will be very small, so be careful not to drop it as finding it again can be incredibly frustrating. This piece can then be added to the front of the storm bolter base.
We can even add in the flamers fuel store by trimming it from the flamer and attaching it in a position you want on the combi-flamer depending on the bolter you are using as your base.

The combi-weapon creation process can be applied to both combi-plasma and comnbi-melta weapons as simply as the combi-flamer. Take the distinctive parts of the special weapon and then mould them into positions on your bolter base. It is quite possible to create any number of different looking combi-weapons, all of which are equally valid within the game itself, so kick back, relax and make the coolest looking combi-weapon you can imagine.

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