Thursday, 25 October 2012

Done, Done, On to the Next One

The blog has been a little slow recently and for that I wholeheartedly apologise. However I am now through the busy period of autumn and looking forward to events that I can chart through the blog.

First up is the completion of the mini-challenge I set myself to get some of my Dark Eldar completed by the end of October. The Clawed Fiend (pic to the right) marks the end of the challenge and the start of the painting up of some of the Chaos models I have in my collection at the moment.

So, enjoy a few more pictures of the Clawed Fiend who will accompany the Beastmaster whenever my Dark Eldar take to the field of battle.


And here is a shot of the completed group, with the Beastmaster, Clawed Fiend, Talos Pain Engine, Grotesques and Lelith Hesperax all complete:

Finally, where will we travel next in the Immaterium? I have the Chaos Helbrute sat on my painting table as I write, with Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus and Astorath the Grim waiting in the wings for a session with the paintbrush. With the blog I will also start looking at what painting and modelling techniques need to be improved for my entry into the Golden Demon 2013, and my search for hints and tips around the internet and other blogs to help me on my way. Exciting times lay ahead, I cannot wait to get started!

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