Thursday, 24 November 2011

White Dwarf 383 - November 2011

So the new Necrons have finally arrived and this months White Dwarf is the showcase piece for the latest updated army in the 40k universe. As you could probably guess before even thinking of opening the magazine, a very large portion of its contents is given over to showing us what the new Necrons are all about and what new models we can look forward to seeing/modelling/painting/despairing at depending on how you look at it.

Aside from seeing how awesome the new Necrons are, what else is in the magazine this month? In all honesty, not that much else really. A couple of quick tacticas for the Lord of the Rings Infantry and for the Ogre Kingdoms in Warhammer Fantasy.

Then we have a couple of articles of a passing interest, Armies on Parade which features an interesting looking Ork warband with some nifty looking conversions, and an Army Workshop on painting Sisters of Battle, which reminds me of something I really want to get round to doing for this blog.

All in all, not a bad copy of White Dwarf for this month, hypes up the interest in the new Necrons and shows off the new models. In a surprise twist to the 'new' armies appearing in a battle report the Necrons even lost to a coalition of Ultramarines and Eldar, with the Space Marines still being promoted as the Golden Boys of the Galaxy, just as they should be!

And as a signing off note, I really like the new model for the Necron Overlord, as seen below:

Monday, 14 November 2011

The Generous Games Workshop

Following on from my complaints in the last of the White Dwarf reviews I did for this blog, Games Workshop have apparently been very accommodating to my lack of support for their new shipping policy for the magazine.

After telling GW that I no longer wished to be subscribed to a magazine I could often buy in the shops 3 or 4 days before it arrived on my doorstep, they offered me their sincerest apologies, a partial refund on the subscription cost and a voucher for the webstore as a gesture of goodwill.

What I received as part of this goodwill amazed me, leading me to believe that GW cannot be as much of a money hungry organisation as one could assume by their price rises of recent times, and that good souls do reside in their employment. Either that or I just got incredibly lucky. Whichever way, I am very happy with what I could invest in following one complaint.

So, hopefully sometime in the near and war torn future, I will have a Daemon Prince and Defiler ready to join my Slaaneshi Army, sonic weapons to kit out my noise marines so they are WYSIWYG, and buildings aplenty to provide cover and terrain for any battles I ever carry out at home. Very much looking forward to Christmas so I can get all this kit out and put it all together. I will of course keep this blog updated as and when the modelling and painting begins.

And even having cancelled White Dwarf I still had delivered the new issue for me to be able to read on a long plane journey across to Cyprus. Games Workshop, I salute your generosity.

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