Thursday, 16 February 2012

Near Future Projects

Being involved in Warhammer 40k leaves you open to a whole lot of potential interests. You may just enjoy reading up on all the fluff given in one or many of the Codecii we have available or from the books produced by the Black Library, you may enjoy just the modelling and painting of certain units from the various armies and races, you may enjoy just getting down to creating and playing out battle after battle, you may even enjoy any number of combinations in between, it is all down to you and how much you want to do.

As I find myself being drawn further and further into the 40k universe (something, thankfully, my understanding wife is happy to let me entertain myself with) I am beginning to slowly turn my thoughts towards creating a few terrain pieces of my own.

To break me into this new realm of the gaming world I got hold of a copy of How to Make Wargames Terrain to read up on and give me some ideas. I also bought a few of the GW kits as seen here before Christmas 2011. Now I have finally started on building them.

Starting with a simple piece, I used one of the Manufactorum boxes, one barricade, a load of little chips (from the inside of a draught excluder - I didn't specifically buy it for that purpose, it was more of an impromptu decision based on my dog deciding to rip it open and spread its contents everywhere!), and a rectangle of 4mm thick Plyboard.

Once I have some of my Slaaneshi guys painted and my Space Wolves finished off I will begin painting up this piece. In the meantime I will be keeping my eyes open and thoughts ticking over on what can be achieved with the remaining two and a bit boxes I have left.

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