Thursday, 9 February 2012

Modelling Update

Having completed Urien Rakarth I failed utterly in containing my urge to start a Dark Eldar army. This has led to much of the last two weeks being spent putting together a few kits I have managed to get my hands on, resulting in a Talos Pain Engine and Scourges being assembled, with an Archon, Wyches and a Raider still to be completed.

Eventually I am looking to add more Wyches, Wracks, Raiders, Ravager and Grotesques to the collection to create an Haemonculus hybrid army, while also having some Mandrakes around (the models are awesome even if their usefulness on the table top is questionable). Should be fun and may take a while to get fully up and running.

 That is not all the modelling I have completed however. There is also another 5 man Wolf Guard in TDA squad completed and ready for priming. Using the Forgeworld kit, along with other bits, I really like how this squad looks when they are together, with my personal favourite being the Wolf Claw Terminator. I am hoping to use some grey primer on these guys so I can have these and the rest of my Wolves painted in rather speedily compared to normal.

As I am just starting out with Dark Eldar I have not had many thoughts about modelling opportunities with them, but I am sure some will come up in time. If anyone can point me in the direction of any blogs with DE conversions on it would be very greatly appreciated!

That is all my modelling complete for a short period of time. The next update will focus on the progress made with a Chaos Defiler for my Slaaneshi Army.

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