Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Urien Rakarth - The Ending

Many moons ago I had a poll up on this blog looking for a non-Space Wolves character for me to tackle. Urien Rakarth turned out to be that character. Finally I can now say that the challenge is complete. As a complete change to painting marines, I enjoyed it very much. I am hoping that all Dark Eldar are as fun and straight forward to paint as Mr Rakarth.

For the painting I tried to stick to the Dark Eldar painting guides that can be found in issues of White Dwarf. Unfortunately my scanner is broken, but I will post an update showing how close I got to the intended result once I have it fixed.

Now with various Dark Eldar units on their way to me and a whole Slaaneshi/Noise Marine Army to paint up and the remnants of my Space Wolves to finish, I have plenty of work on my plate and hope to keep the updates flowing as I progress with all three of the armies mentioned.

So without further ado, here are the few pictures I have taken of my completed Master Haemonculus.

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