Sunday, 29 January 2012

Two Week Update

The last two weeks have been very busy, I have been gaming a fair bit and have also got a decent amount of painting completed.

On the 40k gaming front I have been involved in four games, using both my Space Wolves and Chaos Marines.

The Space Wolves have seen action against both Blood Angels (which resulted in my only victory), and against a combined Imperial Guard/Tyranid force which ended in a draw. Both games were great fun and very bloody with nothing out of the ordinary occurring.

My Chaos Space Marines also took part in two annihilation battles, the first against Grey Knights which resulted in an incredibly bloody draw in which I had a fully functioning Land Raider still functioning at the end against one Grand Master and a Razorback. Again it was a tremendous match up, which also saw me using a Defiler (which downed the GKs Storm Raven in turn 1 with its Reaper Autocannon) and Chaos Dreadnaught for the first time.

The second battle for my CSMs resulted in what can only be viewed as a complete massacre, the kind of which was not dished out by my marines, but by my Eldar opponent (who was also coincidentally the opponent in the Blood Angels and Grey Knights games). Sunday is obviously the day my dice gods put their feet up and took a break. To only take out 10 Fire Dragons and 3 Eldar craft (Wave Serpents and the like) in four rounds when I had Obliterators, Dreadnaught, Defiler, Land Raider and Abaddon on the table is failure on a level I had not even thought of before today. Oh well, next time I will revert to less heavy weaponry and focus more on increasing the quantity of fire the army can produce.

On the painting side of things, I have now got the main base on all the armour plates on the Defiler and just need to add a few more layers of colour to make the plates a solid colour. I have started focussing on the autocannon arm, putting a base of Dheneb Stone on to build up the edges of the armour plates to a gold colour. Hopefully next weeks update will have the autocannon arm complete and some progress on the body of the Defiler.

Much of the week has been spent completing Urien Rakarth. He is much closer to completion than shown, with only a few details on his face and armour to be highlighted now. I will post a complete update on Urien in the next couple if days.

I have also been working away on a terrain building/ruin. I will try and grab a few pictures to include in next weeks update, but the piece has been mounted on a thin piece of plyboard, with basing materials glued around. Hopefully I should get this sprayed black within the week then I can work on painting it up as well.

The only other ponderous thoughts I have had this week revolve around either building myself an Haemonculus Coven to follow on from Urien Rakarth, or further my experience in the wargaming worlds by expanding my horizons into Hordes and starting up a Trollblood warband there. Can't for the life of me decide which to follow though, all thoughts are very welcome!


  1. Those tentacle arms are coming along nicely.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Cheers Ron. I should have updated pictures up in the next couple of days.


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