Monday, 16 January 2012

Urien Rakarth - The Beginning.

In my splurge of activity over the Christmas/New Year period I finally got around to piecing together the metal version of Urien Rakarth, the narrow victor in the poll I had running on this blog a few months back. If you remember that then I salute you!

Outside of assembling Rakarth (which was a challenge in itself) I have also now based the Haemonculus and have sprayed him white, which leaves me to start on the paint job. I will be doing this alongside the painting of the Defiler I put together as well recently.

So far, my thoughts on the model of Urien can be summarised in the word argh! His little arms spent more time glued to my own fingers than anywhere else. Eventually, however, my persistence paid off and I had those limbs set in position. With hindsight, and also stated in another post of mine, I should have used a little bit of green stuff in each socket to help hold the arms in place.

I have also decided that I will be using Urien alongside the painting guide for Dark Eldar from a White Dwarf from last year. I will attempt to follow the painting guide in there, as written and instructed, so that we can see how closely the guides need to be followed to get their results.

In the next update I will let you all know what issues of White Dwarf I will be using, as well as detailing any progress made against the associated painting guide. I will also have more pictures to share with you all.

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