Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Dark Angels Chaplain-Interrogator Seraphicus

Finished this guy on Christmas Eve and have only just got around to posting up the pictures I took of the model of Seraphicus, the Dark Angels Chaplain-Interrogator from the Dark Vengeance box set.

A cracking model to paint, although not as much detail on there as on the Chaos models from the same box set.

Continuing the theme of 'firsts' for the end of the year, this guy is the first Dark Angel I have ever painted and I am pretty pleased with how he has turned out.

Now for a shameless plug - I am planning on selling off the model, as seen in the pics on this post along with the data card from the DV box. If anyone is interested and wants to make an offer please email me on the contact details in the Contact Me section of the site. And now, here are the remaining pictures -

As always, comments are very much appreciated and I hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas so far!

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