Sunday, 2 December 2012

Start Your Own Tyranid Army...

We are now entering the festive period here in the UK and what better way to begin the celebrations than giving everyone reading this blog the chance to win the Tyranid Lictor model I have recently finished painting.

Have you ever wanted to start a Tyranid army but have not got round to it? Maybe you want to expand your current Tyranid fleet? Or maybe you just like the model and fancy having it around? What ever you feel, this is your chance to have the model for free! I say free, there are just a couple of catches though.

All you have to do is, very simply, become a follower of this blog and comment on this post. Then the weekend before Christmas, I will randomly select one person from the followers/commenters and will contact them about receiving the Lictor model as you see it now.

Here are some more photos so you can see what is up for grabs:

So if you fancy giving a Lictor a home for this Christmas period, please get following and commenting and you'll be in with a chance of winning this fella!


  1. I am not quite sure how to follow these blogs, but i sub'd to your posts on google reader. Also you make badass stuff. Keep up the awesome work :D

  2. followed. I have only just stumbled onto your blog but love your painting style! What did you use for the body on the base?

  3. Thanks Graham and Lokken, pleased you like the stuff I put on here.

    The body on the base is from the Vampire Counts Skeleton Warriors, chopped up and painted with the Tamiya Clear Red Acrylic Paint mixed with a drop or two of Nuln Oil.

  4. Ehy, nice blog... I should start following it too.

  5. Just started following your blog, it's really cool and I'd love to add this Lictor to my collection

  6. Glad I came across this blog! Great collection of tutorials, you've got! Thank you for taking the time to make those!


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