Thursday, 20 December 2012

Current State of the Army... Dark Eldar

Carrying on with my series of looking at what models I have completed for each of my armies, be that Chaos, Space Wolves or Dark Eldar, here we stand looking at the models I have completed for the Dark Eldar.

This army is going to have a strong Haemonculus feel to it eventually, with plenty of Talos Pain Engines, Grotesques, Scourges and Wracks being present in relatively large numbers and occasionally accompanied by other citizens of Comorragh .

So far this army have the following completed models - Urien Rakarth, Lelith Hesperax, Archon, 2 Grotesques, 5 Mandrakes, Beastmaster and Clawed Fiend.

2013 will see the Grotesques and Pain Engines expanded, alongside all other areas of the army.

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