Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Painting Update - Thunderwolf Lord, Almost Complete

I thought I would post up the few shots I took of my almost complete Thunderlord. The weapon arm is magnetised so I can switch it between Wolf Claw and Thunderhammer, maybe even throwing in a Frost Blade at some point in the future if I fancy it.

As for what is left to complete, I need to finish off the eyes on each of the models and I need to add a couple more layers of snow (what you can see there is PVA glue and snow flock which makes it look quite voluminous, but once that dries will look like fur on the base). After all that is complete I will need to run around the bases with some Scorched Brown then varnish the models.

Having looked back at the pictures as well now I am not sure about the shoulder pad on the Storm Shield arm. I think I may go back over that with the gold to bring it in line with the other shoulder pad(s) on the right arm.

I've been quite impressed with how quickly I have managed to complete these models. I am normally very slow on painting, so to have these completed within 10 days is good for me given the time I have available to work on them.

As mentioned in the earlier post on the Thunderlord the idea is that the Thunderlord is yet to mount his wolf, scouting out the battle field ahead of them before they charge headlong into the fray.

In regards to what the unit will do, the Thunderlord with Wolf Claw would be a three wound, toughness 5 model with 6 power weapon attacks on the charge at strength 5 and initiative 5. As he looks now he will also have a 3++ save and depending on what saga he is given and upgraded armour could see him have a 2+ save with eternal warrior. So hopefully not to easy to take down, but could be a bit of a fire magnet.

Everything stays the same with the thunderhammer as the weapon, except for the initiative dropping to 1 and strength doubling up to 10, which will make the unit the primary force to use for smashing apart the various tanks that can be found on 40k battlefields. I am looking forward to giving him a run out very soon and will report back here on the outcomes.

Next up for me to get painting is my Chaos Daemon Prince, with construction of some Dark Eldar Wracks and a Raider also ongoing.

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