Monday, 6 June 2011

Conversion - Right Handed Storm Shield

Wolf Claw, Storm Shield and Shoulder Pad
For many Space Wolves players the Lone Wolf has a quite popular set up of either thunder hammer and storm shield, or chainfist and storm shield. The first option is not a problem for any player out there. However the second option leaves you with two left-armed weapons on one model. At this point we will have to reach for our trusted craft knife, nail files and a tube of glue.

We will start by collecting together the bits we need for the conversion, which are a storm shield, a right handed lightning/wolf claw and a shoulder pad. We will then take the claw and slice off all of the blades, leaving the arm as shown. Once all lines have been filed and smoothed down we will move on to the storm shield.

We are aiming to remove the entirety of the hand from the back of the shield. To do this we must take care when slicing down through the hand area for two reasons. 1. We don't want to damage any of the rest of the shield, only the section we are removing and more importantly 2. The craft knife should be quite sharp and we really don't want to be slicing through our fingers with it.

If the section is removed in thin slithers, it should be relatively easy to keep control over what we are removing and keeping the rest of the shield in as good a condition as possible.
Once we are satisfied that enough of the left hand section has been removed from the storm shield, we will need to check that the shield and the right arm are laying flat against each other in position before we glue them in place. If this is not the case, we will file down the arm as necessary to get the two items as neatly together as possible.

Once the filing is complete and we are satisfied with the positions of the storm shield and arm in relation to each other, we can use some plastic glue (or superglue if you would prefer) to fix the shield on the arm. I prefer using the plastic glue as it takes a little while to set, giving me time to adjust the shield on the arm as necessary, where superglue sets in seconds leaving very little adjustment time.

Once the glue has set you can mix up some green stuff and fill in any gaps that couldn't otherwise be filled in, or to repair details that were damaged during the conversion work.

Aside from the awkwardness of cleaning up the storm shield this is quite a simple and straightforward conversion. Let me know if you have a different method, or ideas on how to improve the process.

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  1. I had some success by trimming the entire bolter off a SB arm, matching up the wrists.


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