Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Space Wolves: Troops Pt 1

Grey Hunters
One of only two choices for Space Wolves troops but boy, what an option to have. Described by many as the very best troop choice in the game, these guys have it all. With a basic loadout of bolter, bolt pistol and close combat weapon they can shoot up to 24" if they remain stationary as well as getting the +1 bonus for two close combat weapons.

Their special weapons define the role of each Grey Hunter squad. Those equipped with melta guns will be looking for tanks or tough monsters, plasma guns will be your objective sitting troops who will be taking out anyone coming near them, while a flamer squad can be useful for toasting bodies in cover. All of this is added to by the bolter fire the unit can pump out on top of the special weapons.
Grey Hunters are almost equally adept in close combat, as already mentioned. Further to their basic load out they can also take power weapons, power fists, a wolf standard and Mark of the Wulfen. Generally speaking the Wolf Standard is a must have item for all my Grey Hunter Squads. The power weapons and fists I leave to the HQs and Wolf Guard, while Mark of the Wulfen finds a place in one, maybe two squads depending on the overall usage of the squad he will be with.

Grey Hunters can take Rhinos, Razorbacks and Drop Pods as transport and when led by an Independent Character and accompanying Wolf Guard they will lay to waste quite a lot before them, as well as being tough enough to hold on to objectives when required. As with all Space Wolves their counter assault gives them an extra attack (if it goes off) whenever they are assaulted and having a Wolf Standard in there makes all 1s re-rollable for one assault phase which can make a huge amount of difference.

There is another choice for troops for the Space Wolves, the Blood Claws, who will be looked at once they are fully painted and ready for battle. Until that point all I will say is that they are a fun unit who, when everything goes right for them, will dish out a vast amount of damage.

Thanks for reading and I do hope you can place your vote as to what character you think I should look into painting as a mini break to painting up Space Wolves!

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