Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Magnets. They are like glue that you can separate at any time. Exactly what you need to make an army that can take on anyone with little prior notice.

They will open up your units to every option available in its codex as you can remove arms and weapons, replacing them with whatever option you prefer. It also removes the dilemma of what weapons will go straight into your bits box as all options can be magnetised and used at any time.

The magnets available out there are all relatively cheap and come in a vast range of sizes. I have found that a magnet 3mm in diameter by 1 or 2mm thick is sufficient for marines, terminators and any marine vehicle. I am a huge advocate of using the magnets in my marine armies and installing them is pretty straight forward as long as you glue the magnets in the right way round, so you have the correct polarities facing each other.

So there we are, a few quick thoughts on using magnets. I love them as it allows me to switch between options on my units in seconds, without having to break the bank buying entirely new boxes to create an additional weapons choice, whilst allowing me to remain wysiwyg. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on magnets as well.

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