Thursday, 4 July 2013

Custom Building a Maulerfiend Part 2

Today I want to show you all the little bit more progress I have made on creating a Maulerfiend from the leftover bits I have from the Forgefiend box and a Defiler body I recently acquired.

Form the last post on this Daemon engine, found here, I have now added the exhaust vents on the back of the engine, using some of the Daemon Prince vents. I have also added on the tentacles (or tendrils?) on to the sides of this construction.

The top armour plate you can see in one of the pictures isn't actually fixed in place yet, I need to add some green stuff around the neck/shoulders/arms before that gets glued down!

It is also good to report that through this part of the model building process I have no safety warnings or near accidents to flash out to you guys, although it does feel a little odd doing this while wearing safety spectacles!

So, enough of the talk of my evening safety wear and on with the last picture with the tentacles in place -

Just a bit of green stuff to go now. Very much looking forward to getting stuck into this last bit of model creation. I am really chuffed with how it's turning out at the moment.

Thanks for looking and hopefully you'll drop back again to see the completed Maulerfiend over the weekend!


  1. Very nice idea, but the carapace on top is not necessary (turtle syndrome?). Try something different there...

  2. Unfortunately I don't have anything else to cover over the horrendousness that will be the green stuff of the arm/chest/neck muscles meeting the hatch where the main body of the Defiler would sit. For the moment I'll have to leave it in until I find something more suitable, unless anyone has any suggestions?

  3. Looking at the next post, your green stuff work is not bad, I don't know why you call it 'horrendousness'...

  4. I had just assumed that my green stuff work would be rubbish as I hadn't done any in a while...


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