Monday, 1 July 2013

Custom Building a Maulerfiend WIP

I began working on a custom made Maulerfiend last night, using the main body of a Defiler along with the remnants of the Maulerfied/Forgefiend kit that was left over when I built the Forge-type a few months ago.

After cleaning all the various parts I took out my Dremel and cut off the front to arm holders on the body and then opened out the hole to fit the two Maulerfiend arms in. With this done it was then on to gluing all the legs and arms in to place, as can be seen in the picture below.

The next step of this build is to fit the neck, which will be looked at in the next post in a few days time.

A couple of other things I have learnt through the process so far - the Dremel multi-tool is an awesome bit of kit which saves a lot of time trying to cut through bits of the model. The second is more of a warning to all those using any tool to trim little bits off their models - wear glasses of some sort because if one of those little bits flies off in to your eye it could cause some pain/damage. It has never happened to me before but, if my wife hadn't been around to fish it out for me, it would've been quite painful trying to blink that out of my eye.

Enjoy yourselves folks and I'll be back with one or two more updates during the week!

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