Saturday, 29 June 2013

They Came From Above

Probably not a new idea, but I wasn't overly happy with any of the recent models available for the Chaos Space Marine Raptors, so decided to make some up using the wings from the Possessed set, along with a few other bits from that kit, mixed them together with some other weapons and created this bunch of Raptors.

In the squad there are two basic load outs of close combat weapon/bolt pistol, 2 with meltaguns and then the Champion who is armed with a plasma pistol and what could either be a power fist or sword.

The wings also have the bonus of keeping the unit spread out, which will mean less damage from blast templates, although making it slightly harder to hide them all in/behind cover.

Anyway, got a bit more modelling to do and also got to start the draw for the winner of the Lictor as well. Thanks for looking!

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