Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Great Build of 2013

Keeper of Secrets
Since finishing the Space Wolves I have embarked on a massive quest to build/convert all the models I have so far collected for my Chaos Space Marines/Daemons armies.

I am pleased to see that I am now hitting the home straight, having put together 6 squads of Noise Marines, 1 squad of Thousand Sons, sorted out my Raptor squad, started on a TDA Chaos Lord and built a Keeper of Secrets.

I will be splitting the completed photos across a few posts, as there are plenty of them to go around! And once the construction is complete, then I have a hell of a lot of painting to be getting on with. Still, fully painted armies are worth it, aren't they?

Enjoy the photos and comment freely! Thanks for looking.

Chaos Marine Troops
WIP TDA Chaos Lord

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