Friday, 14 June 2013

Unboxing Random Supplies from Ebay

I found a big lot on Ebay the other day. It was listed as various bits of Chaos Space Marines but was largely unspecific and the pictures weren't 100% clear on what was in there.

So, what is any one with an addiction to the little plastic models going to do? Ignore it? Let it pass by and go to some other unwitting fool? Or do you bid away merrily until you win your prize? You all know the answer already. The attraction to the unknown was too great. I dived in and damned the consequences to the back of my mind.

So, with the aim of justifying this splurge, this post will aim to do just that (I hope) and hopefully, if my wife asks, I can just point her to this post and show her how in spending money I have saved me some money.

The top half of the box contained a decent haul of plastic treasure, more so than I had hoped for. Included in this is the main body of a Defiler/SOul Grinder, a huge bag of Chaos bits (including Daemon Prince bits, bodies, legs and arms of Chaos Space Marines, banners, Possessed bits, generally all sorts of bits), a full 10 men Chaos Space Marine Squad, 4 Possessed Marines, 2 Genestealers, 1 Assault Marine with jet pack and an Ork of some description.

Not a bad haul so far. The Possessed will join my other 5 mutated ones and the squad will be just a plain marked squad.

The Assault Marine has made me consider adding some Sky Claws to my Wolves, but that will have to wait a while.

And then we have the body of the Defiler/Soul Grinder. The rest of the bits for the Defiler were in the rest of the box, so it would be possible to go that route. Except that I already have a Defiler and don't want another one.

So that got me thinking what could I make? I could buy the Soul Grinder bits and make that, but I'm not convinced about that. So I took a look through my own Chaos bits bag and struck on an idea - a Maulerfiend! Have you ever seen a 'fiend made from a Defiler base? Me neither, so that means it must be attempted. It will either be great or fail miserably. In my mind it is definitely the former.

So, the rest of the box contained these sprues with enough on there to create another 9 Chaos Marines. Here I will invest a little in converting the bodies to Thousand Sons. I have a force staff in the bits bag I got in this lot, so just need to make the rest look sorcery and I am away with them. Always nice to have some AP3 bolter shells firing around the table top.

I will also be putting together some Slaanesh bikers (T5, I5 high speed freaks) with a couple of boxes of the new Chaos bike squads that GW brought a couple of weekends ago.

And finally, the one bit of the box I don't think I will need and will be looking to sell on - Chaos Vehicle Accessories sprues. 4 of them. I only have one Land Raider and 1 Rhino so I can't see a use for these. They are all intact so should hopefully find their way to a useful home sooner or later.

So, all in all, not a bad haul. As a quick calculation. based on what GW would sell this as for new we get -

Maulerfiend - £40
5 Possessed Marines - £20.50
20 Chaos Space Marines - £46.00
4 Chaos Vehicle Accessories Sprues - £36.00
Total - £142.50

And hopefully I should get something back if I manage to sell off the accessories sprue. In conclusion, Ebay can be incredible for bargains sometimes. It will also keep me busy fixing up my Emperor's Children/Thousand Sons for the next few weeks. Thanks for reading!

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