Saturday, 31 August 2013

Keeper of Secrets Progress

The updates on the blog have pretty much disappeared through August, so I am going to make every effort of the next couple of months to keep the updates flowing, starting with this quick update on the Keeper of Secrets I was starting to put together.

Following some suggestions on the blog, I have clipped off the little claws of the tail section and that is, unfortunately, as far as I have gotten with the Daemon. Next up is fixing on his arms/head - arms from the Daemon Prince box and the head from the original Keeper of Secrets.

I have also included a couple of pictures of the KoS that I am building next to the current model for the Greater Daemon, and then a shot of both next to a Daemon Prince - who'd have thought a Daemon Prince and the Greater Daemon of Slaanesh would be identical in height?

As always, all comments very much appreciated and all suggestions welcome. Thanks for looking!

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