Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Trying Something New...

A few posts back I mentioned deciding between starting a Dark Eldar army, which would be my third 40k army, or start out on a new adventure in a gaming system I knew very little about and launch myself into the Iron Kingdoms and begin a force of Trollbloods.

As you may have thought from subsequent posts after finishing Urien Rakarth, my thoughts were firmly on expanding my Dark Eldar, the idea of the Trollbloods falling from favour, forever set to be an unrealised dream (of which I have many, but that is not the discussion here!).

Fast forward a couple of months and, after some extensive reading of the Privateer Press Hordes site and associated forums I have very much regained that spark to pursue another gaming system, to see what it is all about, how the system differs to 40k and if the game can deliver the same epic feeling that 40k gives.

The first thing I have done upon looking into Hordes is selecting which faction to start with. I would love to be able to say that I spent time researching each and every faction (5 in case you are wondering) and working out which one would suit me best but, alas, that would be lies. I saw the models and decided there and then that I liked them alot and would not need to look at any more.

From that starting position I have recently acquired the Forces of Hordes: Trollbloods book to get a better idea of the force I am going with. Having had only a quick flick through I can see already that there is a lot of background information in there on the Trollbloods as well as painting guides. Once I have been through it thoroughly I will throw up a review on the blog.

I will be using this blog to chart and record everything I learn about Hordes and the Trollbloods in particular. The Hordes segment of the blog will be looking at getting into the gaming system from the very start, looking at the very first units I plan to purchase and use first, understanding the rules, completing battles, modelling and painting the models and hopefully picking up some useful tips along the way.

 For a first unit purchase I am looking at starting out with the Warpack, a Fennblades unit, Fell Caller and an Earthborn Dire Troll. Of course this won't be fully decided until I have finished the Trollbloods book, but the models look awesome and the attraction of painting non-power armoured models is tremendously strong for me at the moment.

If anybody has any advice for a complete starter in Hordes, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email I'm sure it would be appreciated not just by myself, but others who are thinking of starting a Hordes faction.

However, don't worry if you have no interest in Hordes as I will still be progressing the 40k side and will always have new material on that side of the wargaming hobby as well.

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