Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Arjac Rockfist - Painting Progress

An update today on my progress with Grimnar's Champion Arjac Rockfist. He is made up of bits from the Space Wolves terminator box set, Maximini Thunder Hammer, Scibor Storm Shield and the anvil is from the Warhammer Fantasy Dwarf banner.

When I start painting a model I make a general mental note of what each area of the model is and whether the final finish on it is going to be armour, bone, metal, gold, fur, skin etc. Then I will paint each element of the model in a starting base colour, wash it then build it up to the final colour I want.

For instance, Arjac here has several metal areas (hammer head and shaft), the shield, the anvil, gaps in the knee arm and elbow pits, various dog tags and chains which are based with boltgun metal. The fur was painted in Shadow Grey while the lining was based with Gory Red (Vallejo Game Colour), with all bone areas covered with Scorched Brown as was Arjacs' face. A 3:1 mix of Fenris Grey to Light Grey (VGC) was then applied to  the terminator armour.

One wash of Badab Black was put over all areas excluding the armour once the first layer paints were dry, with a wash of Devlan Mud applied over the armour.

Well, that is as far as I have got with him. There will be a lot more progress with him in the next couple of days and I will update the blog as I get him complete.

Thanks for looking, see you again next time!

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