Friday, 27 April 2012

Campaign - Ardan V, Mission 2

Having crushed the Space Wolf force outside the city to prevent them interfering further down the road, the Eldar were ready to proceed with the first of their two primary objectives - the killing of the Space Wolf Rune Priest, as this would hinder the Space Wolves in locating the cursus.

Meanwhile, using the time bought with the lives of his men, and the reorganising of the Eldar forces after the damage done to them, Wolf Guard Battle Leader Gunnarson made his way through the city that had been devastated in the fighting between his Lords Great Company and the Oracles of Change. Hoping to warn Fjolnir Lightning Wolf of the presence of the xenos before they struck again.

Knowing that a few of the space wolves had escaped their ambush Farseer Yvaine Sundancer dispatched a squad of Pathfinders after the fleeing Wolves.

Pregame Mini-game: Kill Team
Space Wolf side: Hjorvard Gunnarson and two Grey Hunters.
Eldar side: 5 Pathfinders.

Played on a 4x4 board. Lots of city terrain.
The Space Wolves deploy 18" onto the board, and have to get 1 model off the far side.
The Eldar move on in turn 1 and have to kill all three Space Wolves.

If the Space Wolves manage to get off the board then the Space Wolf player can reinforce the Rune Priests forces with a squad of Grey Hunters armed with a flamer and a plasma gun in a Rhino on turn 4 of the main game.

Main game: 2000pts.
The space wolf player must take Ornulf Windtamer and may not take Fjolnir Lightning Wolf or Hjorvard Gunnarson, any Wolf Lords or Wolf Priests as there is only 1 Wolf Lord, and  the other Wolf Priest is with Fjolnir.

The Eldar player must field at least one of Elarique Dawnrunner (Autarch) and/or Arandril Starsong (Farseer).

The Eldar objective is to kill the Rune Priest. If they succeed the body becomes an objective that can be held by any infantry or jump infantry unit, that either side can claim.
The Eldar player gains 3VP if they kill the Rune Priest and 1VP if they wound him. the Space Wolves gain 2VP if he stays alive. All other HQ choices are worth 2VP if killed on either side. The objective formed by the Rune Priests body is worth 3VP.

The game is played lengthways down the table. The Space Wolves deploy in one half of the table, however the Rune Priest must be deployed in the center of the Space Wolf deployment zone and all Space Wolf units must be deployed. The Eldar deploy within 12" of the opposite short edge, and may keep units in reserve.

If the Space Wolves win the mini game, then they get a free unit of 10 grey hunters with one flamer, one plasma gun and no other equipment. This bonus unit arrives automatically on the short edge of the Space Wolf deployment zone on turn 4 in a Rhino with no extra upgrades.

The table should have as much city terrain as is reasonable.

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