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Campaign - Ardan V, Mission 1

Following on from the Ardan V Campaign introduction, this post will detail the two possible missions that could have happened and also state the rules for each of those missions.

The battle report will be next in the series.

Again, pictures from around the net will accompany this post. Some of them I have had saved on my computer for some time and I am not sure who the artist is, but it is safe to say none of them are my own works, kudos to those who did create them.

The Ardan V Campaign - Mission 1.

To determine the first scenario, both commanders make a Leadership test using the Ld of their force commander (Arandril Starsong and Fjolnir Lightningwolf). Whoever makes the roll by the highest margin wins the roll.


If Fjolnir wins the roll, then an alert chapter thrall aboard the Fang of Russ notes a short energy spike of an unknown energy type in the countryside approximately 60 miles from Baston but is unable to pin point the source. Concerned by the possibility that some of the traitor marines of the Oracles are still at large and up to something, Fjolnir dispatches a small, fast moving force to investigate the energy surge under the command of his second in command Hjorvard Gunnarson, the leader of his Wolf Guard.

On reaching the area Hjorvard encounters a small force of Eldar, and sets an ambush for them.

This is a 1000pt game. All of the Space Wolf units must be mechanised. (I.e. aboard a transport, on bikes, or be a tank). The space wolf player must take a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, to represent Hjorvard, but this is is only allowed HQ choice.

The Eldar player may take no tanks, no Wraith Guard or Wraithlords. They must take at least one squad of aspect warriors with an exarch, but may have no more than two aspect warriors squads. The Eldar player may not take any HQ choices. The compulsory exarch is his  force commander.

The Eldar player deploys all of his units first, within 6 inches of the centre line of the table, and more than 12 inches from the short edges of the table. The Space Wolf player deploys all of his forces anywhere on the table more than 12 inches from the centreline.

The two players roll of to see who goes first.

This is a kill point mission.

The Eldar player may move units off the short edges of the table voluntarily,they many not return to the battle but do not count as destroyed if the move off the table in this way.

At the end of turn four the game ends on the d6 roll of a 1,2 or 3. At the end of turn five on the d6 roll of 1,2,3,4 or 5. The game ends automatically at the end of turn 6.


If the Eldar player wins the Ld roll, then the Eldar forces have managed to slip onto the planet unnoticed and set up a forward operating base in preparation for their operations on  Ardan V. Now with their forces in place, they launch an assault on a small Space Wolf encampment that lies between them and their true target, the Space Wolf Rune Priest Ornulf Windtamer.

This is a 1500pt mission.

This is a kill point mission.

The space wolves may not take Fjolnir or Ornulf (the are in the city) but may take other non wolf lord, non rune priest HQ choices. The space wolves may also not field land raiders or terminator armoured wolf guard as these are deployed within the city where their close quarters firepower and heavy armour are of greatest use.

The Eldar player may not take the Avatar, Wraith guard or wraith lords, as they are considered too slow for this first assault, or support weapon batteries as they take too long to position and set up for a surprise assault on troops as elite as space wolves.

The Eldar player must take Yvaine Skydancer, Arandril's 2nd in command. (a Farseer) as their only HQ choice.

The space wolf player sets up anywhere not within 12 inches of a board edge, and as his units are settling into camp each unit must be at least 6 inches from any other unit. The Eldar go first and move on from any table edge.

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