Tuesday, 5 June 2012

GW Price Rises - It's Conversion Time!

So, we have all seen the price rises now and have had time to digest them a bit. We all have our own thoughts on the matter, but this post is not about complaining about the price rises, but more about my aim to find convertible units to go in my Dark Eldar army that will work out being slightly more economical than going solely down the GW route.

Firstly I would like to say that I have no intention of playing in any tournaments and generally just play with friends in a very relaxed, anything goes, setting. Thanks to this it opens up the possibilities of using anything possible to represent the unit I want it to (Coke can as a Drop Pod anyone?). This also opens up the chances to create any unit can think of from anything available to the miniature wargaming community.

As part of my Dark Eldar army, I am hoping to expand my Grotesque unit from 3 Grots up to the 7 or 8 mark. Now, with the new price rise in effect that leaves me looking at around £80 spend on 5 models. It is really not something I would like to do, no matter how much I enjoy the hobby. The only other option is to create my own Grotesques from something else. But where do we start?

After a quick search I found an article over at Eye of Error which uses a unit from Hordes, a Legion of Everblight Warspears unit, to create their Grotesques using leftover bits from a Talos Pain Engine and the Warspears unit as well as a touch of greenstuff. All of this seems largely possible and has the added bonus of having my Grotesques in a couple of different positions, all for £27, which is a fair old saving and would also give me the number of Grotesques I want.

Having read through the article and looked into these Warspears units, I also took a look into other units available in the Hordes range. A friend also mentioned that I should look through the Warmachines Cryx stuff as well. Looking through the Cryx range I came across another unit called Cephalyx Slaver and Drudge Mind Slaves. To me they scream Haemonculus with 5 Wracks and save me a few quid on buying the official models.

All I need is to crack out the greenstuff and my bits box to see what I can use to create the monstrosities that my Haemonculi are to be blamed for. It has been a while since I lasted completed any serious amount of conversion work, but the uniqueness of converting these models for my Dark Eldar make the idea a very intriguing one for me.

As I progress with these ideas or if any other possible conversions spring to mind, I will update accordingly.


  1. You're looking for alternate Grotesques because of the price increase? Funny, I started looking for alternates when the GW Grots were released and they looked...well...grotesque >:)

    In case you're looking for some more Dark Eldar conversion options, here's what I did for my own Grots. Not a great option anymore as Paulson is no longer casting them, but it might give you some ideas of what to do with Talos bits and greenstuff:


    And, though with all the plastic bits I used they don't save you THAT much money, here's an option for Wracks:


    The last cost-saving tip I'd impart would be to buy your Raiders off Hoard o Bits. If you're looking to convert them slightly to ferry your shambling Haemonculus monstrosities, you can get the basic body with engines for something like $10 US. CHEAP!

    Happy converting :D

  2. For Grotesques, there are gw cost effective solutions. When combined with bits from the Talos kit you might have a look at the fantasy range rat ogres or vargeist/crypthorror.

    Rat ogres, specifically the islands of blood version have been a popular choice. You'll find plenty of examples.

    Vargeist conversions are relativly new, but look very nice. And if you play nids those winged arms could be handy for shrikes or something. Here is a good example of them as Grotesques:



Thanks for your comment it is very much appreciated. I hope to hear more from you in the future!

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