Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cheerio 5th, It's Been A Pleasure

After playing 40k for the last 2 years, I played my very last games of 5th Edition this weekend before we move on to 6th Edition next weekend (or two weeks time as I'm off to Europe next weekend).

With three other mates, the first game of the weekend saw my Space Wolves team up with Grey Knights to take on some Necrons and Dark Eldar in a 4,000pt game. While we did not have time to finish the game, the combat was pretty brutal and both sides took heavy casualties in the three rounds played.

The second game of the weekend, and my final game of Warhammer 40k in 5th Edition, saw my Space Wolves up against their former allies the Grey Knights. Points limit was set at a huge 5,000pts with two FOC in use on both sides. This ended in a massively bloody battle which saw neither side come out on top, a draw being the only fair conclusion to what was an epic confrontation which saw almost every unit wiped from the field of play by the end of the game.

The only thing I can think of that may have changed the battle is never, ever, ever get your Land Raider Redeemer surrounded and caused to explode. Watching Logan Grimnar and 5 Terminator buddies get removed from play without doing anything is very simple to avoid, very annoying to have happen to you. I'll never know what could have been, but I'm happy at the fight back given the dice rolls I was manging to produce for the game.

So, that is the end of 5th Edition for this blog and we can begin to look forward to 6th Edition, which is due to be released on the 30th June. I have the new White Dwarf to flick through and get a preview of what to expect from next weekend onward.

Further on for that, and once 6th is up and running, hopefully the new Chaos Marines codex will be out and I can start work on my Slaaneshi/Emperors Children force based on that codex. I am hoping that Lucius is made into an unstoppable beast to lead my force. This is mainly down to me really liking the fluff for the guy and the fact in games he keeps getting splatted by the first thunder hammer that flashes his way.

On top of all that there is also my Dark Eldar Haemonculus Army that is slowly starting to take shape. I don't know if you have seen it but Old School Terminator over at Dark Future Games is modelling 10 Grotesques out of a good collection of models such as the Skaven Rat Ogres, Fantasy Minotaurs, Crypt Fiends and more. All very interesting and has given me some inspiration to get on with modelling some of my own Grotesques as well, so those should be coming up very soon!

Feel free to let me know how you got on in your last game of 5th Edition before you change over to 6th, it would be good to hear other gaming stories, no matter how brief!

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