Monday, 28 May 2012

Campaign - Ardan V. Mission 3

With their Autarch Elarique Dawnrunner and Farseer Yvaine Sundancer dead, the Eldar had suffered a mighty blow at the hands of the Space Wolves, but they had managed to incapacitate the humans psyker sufficiently to stop him working out why they were on the planet. Farseer Arandril Starsong would have to lead the final assault on Ardan V and close the cursus once and for all.

For the Space Wolves, Lord Fjolnir sent out several packs of his Wolf Scouts to monitor the position of the invading Eldar. The signs all pointed to the xenos searching the planet for some artifact but, whatever the item may be, Fjolnir would not let it fall into the enemies hands. This was one battle that the Wolf Lord would not miss out on. He could smell the xenos blood and now he wanted to spill it.

The remaining few Pathfinders had scouted a ruined industrial complex which still housed a huge storage tank of highly explosive material. Near to the complex was a river which almost sprang out out of nowhere. As they were being pursued by the Space Wolf scouts they could not determine for certain where the cursus was, but they could tell it was in this general area. They quickly reported back to Arandril Starsong as the Wolf Scouts also made their report back to their Wolf Lord. The scene of the final battle was set, the hunt for the cursus was to begin.

Main game: 3000pts. Capture and Control

Two Force Organisation charts can be used to assemble each army.

The Space Wolf player must not take Ornulf Windtamer (Chief Rune Priest) and must take Fjolnir Lightning Wolf. Any other HQ is allowed, but if a further Rune Priest is taken they cannot have Master of Runes.

At least one Lone Wolf must be taken to represent the lone Grey Hunter from the first/pre-second mission.

As the Long Fangs have taken heavy casualties only one squad may be used in this battle. 
The Eldar player must field Arandril Starsong (Farseer).
The Eldar force must also include at least one Troupe of Harlequins. 
The objective is to find and hold on to the cursus. As the cursus location is currently unknown six objective markers are to be placed randomly on the table in locations at least 12" apart. When a unit gets within 1" of the marker the area can be searched. For the first location to be searched the cursus will be found on a roll of a 6, for the second searched it will be on a 5 etc until the cursus is found.

However, once the cursus is found the gate to the warp will become active. On the roll of a 6, rolled in each player turns shooting phase, 10 Lesser Daemons will spew forth, attacking the nearest unit to their position.

The abandoned storage tank is also a significant threat. Any shots that are fired that cross over the tank are liable to ignite its contents, causing a huge explosion. If a shot is fired that misses its target it automatically hits the tank. The tank has AV12 all round. If penetrated it will explode automatically in 2d6" in all directions, causing Strength 8 AP - wounds on all affected models.

The game is of random length. There are no further stipulations.

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