Friday, 11 May 2012

Campaign - Ardan V, Pre-Mission 2 Battle Report

The Pathfinders were closing the gap between themselves and the fleeing Space Wolves quickly, soon they would be able to take sight with their rifles and put an end to this chase. Just a few more metres.

Hjorvard could see the xenos warriors pursuing them, getting ever closer, ever more dangerous. They needed to clear the outskirts of the city, disappear into the denser wreckage of the city that once was Baston, the capital of Ardan V, and ensure safe passage of the news of this Eldar invasion to Lord Fjolnir before he was set upon by a surprise attack similar to the attack Hjorvard himself had been subjected to. Failure was not an option for these Space Wolves, the message had to get through.

The Pathfinders split in five different directions, each with specified targets that they had to take down. Moving quickly and skillfully into position, their rolling formation allowed one three to take aim while two rushed forward. The first round of firing saw two shots hit their mark brilliantly through the ruins, but could not stop the Space Wolf movement.

Hjorvard vaulted over ruined walls, crashing through debris without stopping, determined to make it to the city in double quick time. Once or twice he felt the ping of shots ricocheting safely from his runic armour. Behind him he could hear the distinct roars of fury from the two Grey Hunters who had escaped the camp site massacre with him.

Hallkjell was determined to level the playing field in this chase and doubled back immediately, launching himself at the first Pathfinder, crushing the fragile Eldar warrior before he could manage to do any damage back. With the taste of xenos blood he threw himself quickly into combat with a second, which again ended with the death of yet another Pathfinder. His remaining Grey Hunter brother, Alfgeir, ran his chainsword through his closest opponent, the blood of the xenos fighter spraying up the front of his armour and dripping from his sword as he deactivated the blade. Hallkjell could only watch in despair as one of the enemies bullets finally found a way through their defences, with Alfgeirs head snapping back violently, the lens of his right eye shattered and blood pouring from the hole.

As Hallkjell watched the  body of his friend waver on its feet for a second, before crashing down to the floor, he realised he had now seen the end of each member of his pack. Looking across the ruins he could see no signs of Hjorvard and interference on their vox units made it impossible to discern whether his Battle Leader remained alive or not. With long, piercing howl Hallkjell began at a jog and proceeded into a full sprint to close the gap toward the remaining pursuers.

The two Pathfinders had been trying to land critical hits on the running Wolf for some time now, his agility and resilience commendable, but allowing him to escape was ultimately problematic. The Space Wolf had managed to get to the maximum range of their rifles and showed no signs of slowing. Suddenly one of the other Space Wolves had attacked a position to the left of them, leaving him in the open. Taking careful aim from such close range, the Pathfinder found his target, and watched as the unnatural humans head jerked backward, with the body collapsing to the floor moments later. A quick glance back toward the leader of these Space Wolves brought an end to this skirmish, he was out of the range of their guns, they could not catch him before he made it into the city wreckage. 

A long howl in the direction of their one and only kill brought the Pathfinders attention back to the Space Wolves who had turned around and assaulted them instead of trying to warn their leader of the potential threat. Knowing their mission was failed, the two Pathfinders melted into the ruins to report their shortcomings to the Farseer Yvaine Sundancer and leave the Wolves to their own devices for now.

Hjorvard could see Hallkjell charging toward the last known position of the Eldar pursuers. Lighting a flare to let Hallkjell know of his whereabouts, he tossed the brightly burning light to the floor and moved into the wrecked city to wait for the lone Grey Hunter before moving on toward the camp of the Wolf Lord Fjolnir Lightningwolf to warn of the coming storm.

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