Monday, 7 May 2012

Thunderwolves - Complete

My Thunderwolves are complete and just require snow adding to their bases now, much like the rest of my Space Wolves. The guy with the Thunderhammer and Storm Shield is magnetised so that I can switch him round as I want. Current options for him are Thunderhammer/Frost Blade in his right hand and Storm Shield/Bolt Pistol in his left.

Also completed alongside these three were the three remaining Fenrisian Wolves I have. With these complete it now leaves me with 14 Terminators and an Iron Priest to finish to finally complete my Wolves and move on to painting up all the Dark Eldar models I have collected over the last few months.

So, there are a fair few pictures so I will stop the yakking and so you can get a look at these Wolves:



  1. very nice. I love the contrast between the rider and the grey of the wolves. The wolves do blend into the base color. This might be what you are going for. If you want the wolves to stick out a bit more, try changing the color of the base a bit. Add snow, change it to a lighter color, or something. Great work though. I love the subtle grey/brown you have on the wolves.

  2. Thanks eldaraddict. My plan is to add snow/other assorted foliage to the bases once I have completed all my Space Wolves and do them all in one big hit. Hopefully that will add to the contrast between the base and the model.


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