Wednesday, 14 November 2012

How I Paint my Scrollwork.

Back again today for a quick tutorial on how I paint my scrollwork. No one has asked for this, but this is more of a general note to remind myself how to do it in the future!

For this we will need:

Rhinox Hide (or Charred Brown in VGC)
Bleached Bone
Chaos Black
Agrax Earthshade

To start with paint the scroll with the Rhinox Hide, making sure you get a nice, solid, smooth covering.

Using the Bleached Bone, paint the scrollwork, taking care not to fill in any rips or tears along the edges of the scrolls. This may take a couple of layers to get a nice, solid coat, but keep those layers thin and apply as many as you feel it takes.

With the Chaos Black add random lines/squiggles/dots/squares (you get the picture) to the scroll.

Agrax Earthshade is up next. Using it we wash down the whole of the scroll to give it a dirty/aged look. Make sure you apply wash to all surfaces of the scroll and works its way to all the little rips and tears.

Back to the Bleached Bone now, and using it to highlight all the raised/prominent areas and to highlight around the rips in the scrolls/oath paper. And that is how I do my scrollwork and oath papers.

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  1. Looks great and is very similar to how I do mine. I use hide as a base, couple of coats of ushabti bone. I add my squiggles with a micron pen and then it's a wash of agrax, a wash of the new sepia and an edge highlight of the bone that's slightly lighter than the ushabti, I've forgotten what it's called!

    Am really enjoying these articles and am keeping my eyes peeled for tips to get my work up to scratch.


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