Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Grand Plan

It has been a few days since the first entry of this blog and in that time I have had a good think about how I am going to progress this blog. I have a few ideas and the rest will have to follow as we go.

I will aim to update as regularly as I can, depending on the time constraints placed on me by work and real life. The main focus of this blog will be, as stated earlier, quick battle reports and the modelling, conversions and painting of the various armies that get used each week.

Battle Reports
The reports will all be relatively short as I wont be able to record all details of each battle, except maybe the battles my Space Wolves are in. Generally I will give a run down on the lists used, the key points of each battle and who the victorious army is.

Focus On Armies
I will also provide, where possible,  pictures of a particular army, looking at possible conversions for the army, and any modelling, conversions and paint jobs that the guys from our group don't mind me putting up on here.

I will start with my own Space Wolves as they will give me plenty of content to get going with, both with modelling, conversions and painting as well as a recent battle with the Blood Angels to report on.

Hopefully all this will begin very soon, so please feel free to drop by again!

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