Friday, 30 March 2012

Long Fangs - Complete

My second squad of Long Fangs is now complete. The squad as a whole (in gaming terms) is only a sergeant (not pictured as he was completed a long time ago), 3 Plasma Cannons and 2 Heavy Bolters. The Missile Launcher is just a model I have had hanging around that I decided to finish off with these guys.

Should be able to get them varnished tomorrow so they will be ready for next weekends final campaign game I have against my friends Eldar.

Here are some shots of the models in pairs, hope you enjoy:

Next up is a Wolf Priest on a bike, which is also the final model I need to get painted to finish off all the models I have in my big Space Wolves case. That isn't the end of my Space Wolf painting days though, as I still have 15 terminators, 2 Land Speeders, a Rhino/Razorback, 5 Fenrisian Wolves and 3 Thunderwolves left to do.

As always, please feel free to leave a comment, request or question, I will promise not to bite!

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  1. Love the white shoulderpad on those guys. I've always thought that color stood out more than the classic yellow or red.

    Nice job.
    Ron, FTW


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